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Procurement Services Statement to Supplier Community

The University strives to create relationships with the supplier community which results in the maximum benefit to our campus departments from a cost and efficiency perspective, while also meeting the University’s goals of environmental stewardship and the creation of opportunities for small, diverse and local suppliers. The University seeks to conduct a fair and open purchasing process for all suppliers. Purchasing processes are based on state purchasing statutes, which require competition where possible.

The University purchases many different types of goods and services, ranging from “one-off” equipment purchases, to consulting services, to purchases that require University-wide (master) contracts. The University’s purchasing needs are handled by two teams: the Operations Buying Team handles the day to day purchases, whereas the Strategic Sourcing Team develops university-wide contracts

The spending patterns of the University are analyzed to determine the best contracting approach to meet institutional needs. “Preferred supplier” relationships may be established through the contracting process. Many of the preferred supplier contracts are enabled in an “eProcurement” system, which allows campus departments to place orders through electronic catalogs. Such preferred supplier contracts are closely managed to ensure compliance with University goals and requirements. The University will work with preferred suppliers, to ensure that the supplier remains a supplier of choice for the University and the University is a customer of choice for the supplier, resulting in the delivery of excellent service to our customers, and a beneficial relationship for both parties.

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UW Buying Methods

(in recommended order of use) include:

  1. eProcurement: Preferred method of purchase. Web-based ordering from contract suppliers.
  2. ProCurement Card: Credit card purchases. Suggested option for small dollar items that are not available in eProcurement.
  3. Purchase Order (PAS): For large-dollar (above direct buy limit) purchases; when a purchase order or contract is needed.

Please note that the UW Capital Projects Office handles construction/public works projects and architectural / engineering related services. For more information, visit the UW Capital Projects office website at:

UW Payment Methods

The University of Washington's required payment method is an electronic payment method via a corporate Payment Card account known as ePayables.For more information about how this works or frequently asked questions, please see the getting paid page.

Benefits to the supplier include:

  • Faster payments-- suppliers can receive funds on the day the payment is due
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud
  • Fewer credit approvals and collection activities
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Complete visibility of the payment detail and remittance information


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