Payment Timelines

Payment Terms

Invoices will be scheduled for payment within 30 days from date of receipt of a properly completed invoice or goods, whichever is later. More information is available on the UW General Terms and Conditions page.
Invoices over $10,000 require departmental approval and material received date to release payment. Departments can monitor invoices pending approval by visiting the NonRIP Invoices Pending report in PDR to view and approve invoices over $10,000.

Payment Delays

Payment for invoices may be delayed for a number of reasons. Some of the more common problems include:

  • The requisition is incomplete in PAS and must be completed by your department.
  • Your department has not communicated approval for an PAS invoice over $10,000. View the NonRIP Invoices Pending report in PDR to see and approve invoices over $10,000.
  • The invoice did not contain a purchase order (PO) number or had an incorrect number.
  • Charges are being disputed.
  • A hold is placed on payment due to damaged or missing items.
  • Invoice discrepancies against the PO such as:
  • Mismatch of line items ordered on purchase order.
  • The invoice exceeded the approved requisition dollar amount.
  • The invoice is beyond the contract period.
  • The freight charge on the invoice exceeds the order freight by 10% or more.
  • The cost is different than the quoted amount.
  • Additional items have been added to the order without Buyer’s knowledge.
  • For Ariba invoices: the order is for the incorrect vendor.
  • For BPOs: the invoice date is not within the contract period.

Payments can also be delayed if the department has not created a requisition in PAS. If the items were received before the requisition was placed, consider a ProCard for payment. (see the Procurement Card web page for information on purchase limits and details)

Any late payment charges accrued on an invoice will be charged to the budget number listed on the purchase order.

Looking for the status of your payment?


Departments can monitor PAS Purchase Order invoice status in Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) or post-payment in MyFD.

Procurement Customer Service  (206.543.4500) can also help provide payment status.




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