What is not allowed on eReimbursements or Check Requests

Payments to Vendors-
First choice for these payments is eProcurement. If they are not presently an eProcurement vendor, the Procurement Card is an excellent option. If a supplier does not accept Procard, please set up a Purchase Order in the PAS system.

Reimbursements in excess of $3,500-
These payments are required to be on a Purchase Order with the supporting documentation listed below:

  • Provide a detailed description of the expenditures and the business purpose of the expenditures on the Invoice Voucher form. Begin with the phrase "Reimbursement for..."
    - Food related reimbursements must be on a budget with appropriate food approvals and is still subject to applicable per diem rates. Note the number of attendees at events to verify expense are within per diem limits.
  • Attach original paid receipts. These should be taped to a single sided, 8.5" x 11" white sheet of paper. Keep copies for your records.
    - If paid receipts are not available, provide a signed perjury statement.
    - The individual to be reimbursed must sign Vendor's Certificate field on form.
    - Use Tax will be applied where applicable. More information is available on the UW Tax Office website.

Cash payments to research subjects - 
Request a field advance or a petty cash revolving fund.

Payments for personal services -
These payments are required to be paid directly to the vendor either on a Purchase Order if over $10,000 or through the NonPO module if under $10,000

Rental of equipment or purchase of equipment over $2,000-
These payments are required to be on a Purchase Order or through the NonPO module.

Reimbursements to employees for purchase of equipment over $2,000 (up to $3500) can also be processed through eReimbursements. However, the preferred method would be for the equipment to be purchased directly via nonPO or purchase order.

Refunds from Revenue Budgets-
Submit request to refund from a revenue budget with a Refund Check Request form (UoW 1768)

Prizes and awards for UW employees or UW students -
Contact Payroll for prizes/awards for UW employees. See the Tax Office webpage for more information on prizes/awards to UW students.

Gift certificates for Employee Recognition -
Gift certificates/cards given to UW employees should be reported to Payroll.

Travel expense reimbursements, including travel associated with honorarium payments -
See the UW Travel Office website.

Moving Expenses -
See the Moving Expenses webpage

Housing -
Payments to landlords are considered vendors and should be paid on a PO or Procard. 
See the Real Estate Office webpage for information on leases.
Reimbursements to individuals for rent must have the appropriate approvals and be submitted through the Travel office

Telecommunication Charges (i.e. phone or internet usage)-
See the UW Procurement Card site regarding Telecommunications. Also visit the Mobile Device Guidelines site.

UW Tuition -
See the UW Student Fiscal Services website

Reimbursement of Parking -
Reimbursement for parking goes through the Travel Office.

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