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Non-PO Invoice Enhancements Coming December 2016

What is changing?

  • Foreign suppliers will be available to pay through Non-PO Invoice! This is exciting news for those departments who process payments below the direct buy limit for foreign suppliers. This means faster, easier payments for some of our foreign suppliers. 
  • The Non-PO Invoice approval process will now be streamlined for limited types of expenses that exceed the direct buy limit.   For Example: Memberships to professional organizations, Subscriptions to publications and certain Utility companies.
  • Form 1632 – Independent contractor verification form will no longer be required to be kept on file at the department if the supplier being paid is an individual. This verification information will now be part of submitting the Non-PO Invoice similar to the Payment to Individuals module. 
  • Improved reporting to track and manage Non-PO Invoice spend at the department level.  Report fields can be filtered by specific org codes, budgets, preparers, and more.

What Action do you need to take?

  • Please attempt to have all Non-PO Invoices fully approved by 5:00 PM, 12/08, before the changes are live.
  • If your Non-PO Invoice is in Composing status on or after the launch day, please be sure to select the Edit button and answer any new questions that have been included with the enhancements.  Then, you can Submit the Non-PO Invoice for approval.
  • If your Non-PO Invoice is in Submitted status on or after the launch day, approvers will not be able to approve.
    •  Approvers can select the Deny button to return the Non-PO Invoice to the preparer. 
    • Or the Preparer can select the Edit button to place the Non-PO invoice back into Composing status, answer the new questions and submit for approval.

We encourage you to attend an upcoming webinar on 12/6, where our Training Team will provide information on the changes.  Click here to find the registration page.

Topics Covered Below

What is a Non-PO Invoice?

A Non-PO Invoice is an online tool in ARIBA used to make a payment to a supplier when a PO is not required and the invoice is under the Direct Buy Limit.

Some benefits to using this payment method include:

  • Faster payment to the supplier
  • Greater transparency of the invoice payment process
  • Increased budget flexibility

Supplier Requirements

Suppliers must be registered with the UW and enrolled in ARIBA to receive electronic payments. If you are using a new supplier, please direct the supplier to the Supplier Registration Form and have the supplier register as a UW supplier.

Before Initiating a Non-PO Invoice

  • Familiarize yourself with the types of restricted payments as some payments cannot be processed in ARIBA. To review which payments can be processed through ARIBA, see the Exceptions List.
  • Review the Best Practices page for valuable information.
  • Familiarize yourself with Commodity Codes.
  • Ensure proper documentation is available for food purchases (form 1798) and payments to individuals (form 1632) link to forms.
  • Have the invoice sent directly to your department.  Note that quotes, statements, proforma invoices and packing slips cannot be used to make payment
  • If the invoice you received is incorrect, request a corrected invoice from the supplier.
  • Confirm the supplier's address using the Supplier Search PDR.
  • Obtain access to Non-PO Invoice:
Access to Non-PO Invoice

Access to Non-PO Invoice is granted upon completion of the following two steps. Procurement Services will authorize the Non-PO Preparer role in ASTRA within two business days.

  • Review this Non-PO page and the Best Practices page.
  • Review the training materials and pass the knowledge assessment with 80% or higher (15 of 18 questions correctly answered).

Initiating a Non-PO Invoice

Access must be granted prior to initiating a Non-PO Invoice payment. For optimal performance, DO NOT use your browser back button. Doing so can produce inconsistent and often undesirable results in ARIBA and is not recommended.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to initiate a Non-PO Invoice.

Attaching Documents to Non-PO Invoice Payments

Documents required to support Non-PO Invoices should be attached electronically within the application. The attachments will be the official record for the Non-PO Invoice transactions. The attachments will be maintained in accordance with the UW approved records retention policy.

The benefit of using this feature is that in most cases you no longer need to retain the hard copies of the documents in department files, provided that you adhere to the University Scanning Policy.

For Non-PO Invoices you should attach:

  1. Vendor invoice/membership voucher/subscription voucher/registration documents, etc.
  2. Any supporting documents for proof of delivery, i.e., packing slips.

DO: Attach the invoice to the Summary page of your Non-PO Invoice.

DO NOT: attach it to the line item page, as this will make it hard to find the invoice in the future.

DO NOT: include scans of any information that includes bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or social security numbers.

For destruction of invoices/proof of goods received/receipts/records, each department must create a scanning policy that is in compliance with Records Management. For more information regarding the University Scanning Policy, please visit:

Forms such as 1798 (for food orders from non-food approved budgets) or 1632 payment to individual (DO NOT FILL OUT Social Security information because vendor control already has that on file) should be kept on file within the department.

Approving and Reviewing a Non-PO Invoice

Click here to review how to approve and review a Non-PO Invoice.

Starting 8/26/16- Reconciled Non-PO Invoices will display a button called "Create Line-Item Credit Memo." This option is not currently functional. Please do not click this button.

Remittance Notes

Remittance Notes are notes added to the payment details sent to a supplier when a payment is made to help the supplier identify the payment. It allows the supplier to easily connect the payment to their invoice. Current payment details include the invoice number, invoice date and dollar amount.

Preparers now have the option of adding Remittance Notes to their Non-PO Invoice payment. This field is limited to fifty (50) characters.

DO Use Remittance Notes For:

  • Last names of conference attendees
  • Customer/account numbers
  • Project numbers or Job name
  • Membership numbers

DO NOT Use Remittance Notes For:

  • Attention To names
  • Remit-to address
  • Comments (i.e. Thanks! You're the Best!)
  • Item descriptions from invoice