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New ProCard Training Location effective May 11, 2015

Procurement Services has moved to the Roosevelt Commons West Building located at 4300 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle. Phone numbers & emails will remain the same.

Types of Training
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All new users of the ProCurement system must receive training prior to receiving a UW ProCurement Card; cardholders are required to complete an online assessment test to renew their ProCard.

If there is a hardship in attending the ProCard training class, an online ProCurement Card training and assessment test is available to cardholders and reconcilers. The online training option must be approved by the department administrator and the UW ProCurement Card Office. Hardship examples include having a duty station more than 30 miles from the UW Seattle campus, or the cardholder's position or responsibilities limits their availability in attending an in class ProCurement Card training.

The ProCurement Card Office offers Cardholder and Administrator in-class training. All interested UW Faculty & Staff are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact or call 543-5252.

To sign up for a class, please see the class schedule on the right, and click on the training status to register or cancel a registration.

All Training Classes are Located at:

4300 Roosevelt Way NE, 3rd Floor
* Roosevelt Commons West is a secured building.  Please bring your UW Staff ID card to present to the security officer at the front desk on the first level.

Types of training

Cardholder Training
This is a beginner's class with a focus on cardholder ProCurement Card responsibilities and UW purchasing policies and procedure in addition to an overview of JP Morgan Chase's web based transaction review system. If you are only responsible for your own transactions you should sign up for a Cardholder's class.
Administrator Training
If it is your responsibility to review transactions of other cardholders in addition to your own, or you only review other cardholder transactions, you will need to sign up for an Administrator's class. This is a class focused on department configuration of ProCurement Card responsibilities in addition to an overview of JP Morgan Chase's web based transaction review system. All interested UW faculty & staff are welcome to attend.
Reconciliation Training
The ProCard Reconciliation Training Class offers specific step by step recommendations to assist departments with the management of their reconciliation responsibilities. Participants should already have taken either the cardholder or administrator class prior to registering for the reconciliation class.

Please sign up for the Administrator training for reconciliation instructions.


1. Cardholder Training Slides

2. PaymentNet 4- How to Review Transactions - a quick guide

3. How to download UW Transaction Detail Report

4. Training manual (ver. 2012)

5. PaymentNet Demo

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