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2012 Fiscal Year- End Close

To ensure ProCard/CTA transactions post to your budget by fiscal year end closing, ProCard/CTA purchases should be made by June 25, 2012.

The last day to make ProCard equipment purchases over $2,000 for Fiscal Year 2012 is Friday June 22, 2012. This cut-off date will allow vendors time to post the charge to the ProCard so that payment will be made in the fiscal year and will also provide departments with enough time to report the necessary equipment data to the Equipment Inventory Office.  It is important that all equipment purchases in Fiscal Year 2012 be approved in the OASIS system so that they can be properly reported and depreciated for financial statement purposes.

More 2012 Fiscal Year-End Close information

520 Tolls & Good To Go Pass

ProCard can be use to buy a 'good to go' pass for UW FLEET VEHICLES or official UW DEPARTMENT VEHICLES ONLY. Departments cannot use a ProCard to purchase a 'good to go pass' for personal vehicles.

If an employee crosses a tolled bridge on an official UW business and their department approves the transaction, they can seek reimbursement for it or use a ProCard to pay if they are sent a bill for single use. UW Fleet Services can also supply good to go pass for department owned vehicles. Please contact UW Fleet Services for more information. 

ProCard Online Application

ProCard Services is changing the procard application procedure. We have created a procard online application form. This new application process ensures proper department approval procedure, manage card accounts in the department, and minimize paper usage.

Effective January 15, 2012, all procard applications must be submitted using the online format. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.  Online application procedure is available. See 'How to Apply"


To make sure we collect all department procard accounts electronically, we will be requesting departments to fill out the online application form when a cardholder’s procard account is up for renewal. This is a one time process to make sure we have the updated card information and department approvals.

AirGas Transactions

Did you know that the pricing on the Airgas Procard contract is structured so that departments are not invoiced for delivery, hazardous material fees, cylinder rental, energy, or fuel surcharges? The only exception is on dry ice purchases. If you have been invoiced for any of these fees, contact  Jeff Kadyk at Airgas for a credit to your account,


Printer cartridge scam

We received some reports of a harassing phone call from a Mike Walter, (213) 537-1910, with Office Support Systems, demanding payment for a cartridge they sent to the department. This is a scam and has been reported to the UW Police. Never use your ProCard to pay this merchant.

Ingallina's Box Lunch

Some ProCard accounts were compromised after using Ingallina's' website. Please DO NOT use Ingallina's website when making a payment. Call the merchant's customer service when making a payment with your ProCard account.

PaymentNet Review Box

 The issue:The check mark on PaymentNet Cardholder review box disappears after hitting the save button.

JPMC technology department has determined that this is a flaw within in the Paymentnet system, which will require a full code release to correct it (could take up to 2 years to complete). No ETA at this time.

The work around for this issue is to have the cardholders/reviewers allocate their transactions first, and then select the review check boxes right before hitting save. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Apple:  "Invoice Complete"

Effective Feb 14, 2011, Apple orders placed with Apple Direct through ProCard (and Apple orders placed through PAS) will automatically be placed in “Ship Complete” status. This means that all items on the order will be held until they can all be shipped at once. The purchaser can override this to allow for partial shipments. This enhancement will resolve challenges with reconciling multiple invoices for a single equipment order that are caused by partial shipments.


More information is available at -posted 02/11/11

New ProCard Renewal Procedures

Beginning September 2010, all UW ProCard renewals (cards are renewed every 3 years) will need to take a short online class and refresher quiz to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of ProCard use and purchasing regulations and policies. This new procedure is to ensure all cardholders are up to date and aware of any policy or regulatory changes since they first received their ProCard. This is a short quiz that’ll take about 5 minutes to complete. To receive a renewal card, cardholders must get at least 80% of the answers correct along with a department administrator’s email approving this renewal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ProCard Services at or 543-5252. -posted 8/3/10

UW Information Technology will discontinue centralized cellular phone billing and equipment ordering services to all UW departments effective July 1, 2010.

Over the past year, UW-IT has completed a comprehensive cost study of all of its operations. With oversight and input from a team that included representatives from across campus, it was determined that managing the cell phones centrally was inefficient and did not add value to campus. Rather than imposing a surcharge to cover these costs, UW IT is opting to decentralize this service and have departmental units manage their cell phone billing and equipment ordering directly. 

This change will not impact UW IT's service of providing smartphone setup (one-time fee) and basic smartphone support (monthly fee) which will continue as one of UW IT's self-sustaining services.

Although UW IT is still confirming details, but it is important to let you know the plan now, and as the details are worked out more information will be published with specifics as soon as they have all been finalized. UW IT will work with the campus to transition department's cellular phone ordering and billing so they can be managed directly with the vendors. UW IT can also provide some messaging to use with department specific information to faculty and staff about this change.

Quick Overview of the New Process

  • Each vendor will deliver monthly electronic bills that can be managed through their Web portals. Bill delivery and various account groupings can be tailored for each individual department to facilitate review and payment.
  • Bills will be paid via ProCard. (If departments don't have one, please contact ProCurement Card Services at 543-5252 or in order to get a ProCard or go directly to the ProCard application to submit a request.
  • A new 03-03-03 “mobile phone specific” object code has been established to help departments manage these charges.
  • Departments will have the option of either using the cellular phone company's Web site, or engaging UW-IT smartphone support team to order new service, phones and accessories.
  • Departments will still get the benefit of the UW negotiated discounts under UW central contracts. The UW has preferred vendor contracts with AT&T Wireless and T-Mobile, offering considerable savings to departments and the University. The Purchasing Department website will contain the details of these contracts and how departments can save money by transitioning users with other carriers to these discounted plans.

Benefits of this New Approach

  • Departments manage cell phone ordering and bill oversight directly online via the carrier's website.
  • Departments have more direct visibility into the usage of cell phone services. A variety of reports are available directly from the vendor websites.
  • Departments will no longer receive paper bills, thus supporting the UW's commitment to reducing paper consumption.
  • Dedicated account representatives for the University have partnered with UW IT in the transition planning and are ready to assist departments any way they can, now and in the future.

UW IT remains focused on providing dependable, value-added services to the UW community, and is committed to working with cell phone customers for a successful transition to these new procedures. 

For more information, please email Donna Lipsky or give her a call at: 206-616-0208  -posted 6/21/10 

Get ProCard Invoices Online While Also Saving Money

To reduce the pain of documentation retention Procurement Services is signing up suppliers that offer online account management tools, including invoice review and retrieval, and in some cases these suppliers are offering discounts when using the ProCard. So start saving now while being green at the same time by getting more information by contacting Aris Gempesaw at or 543-9183.

Please see the current list of suppliers available for online invoicing and online capabilities: Supplier List  -posted 6/1/10 



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