Frequently Asked Questions

What do I change the default transactions view to 45 days in PaymentNet?

2.   Use the following query criteria:
    - Post Date – Is Relative To- Last 45 days
    - Delete any other criteria
3.   ‘Process Query’, change the query name( Last 45 days), Save, and then ‘Set is as your default’


How do I get my single transaction limit increased?
Fill out the Card Limit Increase form in Ariba with the following information:
  • Item description
  • Merchant or Supplier Name
  • Total Cost (before and after sales tax)
  • Budget number and object code
  • Department name
  • Depending on the commodity and/or supplier, you may need to provide a sole source justification if the transaction amount before sales tax exceeds $10,000.
How do I update employee ProCard profile (budget number/email/reconciler)?
Send an email to with the following information:
  • Cardholder Name
  • New budget number/email/reconclier
How do I get reconciler access in PaymentNet?
Send an email to procard with the following information along with department administrator’s approval
  • Employee Name
  • Employee UWNet ID
  • Employee email
  • Department org code or Cardholder name
Where can I find the budget number’s organization code?
  • go to MyFD
  • enter budget number
  • go to budget profile
Is travel (airfare/perdiem meals/lodging/rental cars) allowed on procard?
  • No. Use a Travel card or personal card and request department reimbursement
  • Contact ProCard or CTS administrator for exemptions
What do I do if I see a ProCard transaction on my MyFD but my department has no record of making the transaction?
From 'Reconciliation' menu in MyFD, click on the transaction amount. You should see the cardholder's contact information along with some information about the transaction. You can then contact the cardholder to provide more information or documentation. Alternatively, you can send an email to ProCard with the transaction information (transaction ID, amount, budget number, obj code). The procard office will provide you with the cardholder name who made the transaction.
What do I do if I need a copy of a ProCard transaction invoice?
The ProCard office do not retain transaction invoices. Please contact the merchant and request for a copy of the invoice
How do I activate my new ProCard?
Activation information is emailed to the cardholder. Contact the ProCard office if not received.
What should I do if I can’t see the PaymentNet transactions that I'm supposed to see?
This is a PaymentNet access level issue. Please contact the ProCard office
How do I apply for a ProCard?
See ProCard website for instructions how to apply
How long does it take to process an application?
It takes approximately a week to process an application
How do I sign up for the training?
Go to the training webpage to sign up for a class
How do I report a lost/stolen ProCard?
Contact the ProCard office to report lost/stolen cards during regular office hours. Please contact JP Morgan Chase during non-office hours.
How do I cancel a ProCard account?
Please send an email to procard with the cardholder's name. The card and viewing access will be canceled but it is the cardholder's responsibility to destroy and dispose of the card.
Why is JPMC asking for my SSN to verify/activate my ProCard; but it’s not working?
ProCard doesn’t use employees’ personal information. The SSN number ProCard is using is the last 4 digits of the UW’s tax ID number.
Why is my transaction getting declined?
Cardholders can view the card transaction activity in PaymentNet. From the ''Transactions' menu, select 'Authorizations/Declines'.
Where do I send a rebate/refund check from a merchant?
Fill out a cash transmittal form and deposit the check.
What is JPMC’s contact information?
Passwords are required when contacting JPMC about your account
  • Customer Service & Fraud Department: (800) 270-7760
Who do I contact to set up a UPS account?
  • UPS
    • Rob Hankins: (206) 459-1782
    • 1-866-651-7638
    • Let UPS know that this is a UW account to get the discounted rate
Who do I contact to set up a FedEx account?
  • FedEx
    • Corey Early: (901) 224-2618;
    • Account Setup: (800) 645-9424
    • Passkey Support: (877) 339-2774
    • Billing: (800) 645-9424
    • Let FedEx know that this is a UW account to get the discounted rate
What is my billing address?
It is your department building address. Same as the address on the application form.
My ProCard is expiring, when do I get a new one?
  • Cardholders are notified and sent a renewal instruction.
  •  Cardholders will need to fill out an online application and pass a short quiz.
  • Cards will be released after the cardholder has completed the renewal process.
How do I reverse a use tax charge on my budget?
To submit a use tax correction, visit the Use Tax Correction Report in PDR. Instructions on how to submit a correction using this application can be found here
What object code should I use for ……?
Please refer to object code website:
Is my transaction taxable?
Please refer to the tax office website for information about goods & services taxability
Are merchants allowed to charge surcharge fee?
Effective January 2013, suppliers can impose surcharge for card payments. The supplier is required to advise the cardholder before charging the card.