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1. Eligibility

UW Faculty and staff are eligible to apply for a ProCard, with department/unit approval

Harborview Medical Center Applicants Must Have Prior Approval of HMC Resource Management
All applicants using Harborview Medical Center budgets (3120200000 org code) must have prior approval from HMC Resource Management. Please contact Lillen Namba for further information.

UW Medical Center Applicants must have Prior Approval from UWMC Accounting UW Medical Center Accounting staff needs to review and approve all UW Medical Center ProCard applications. Applications should be forwarded to Lynn Barnhart, Director of UWMC Accounting, UW mailbox at 359415.

2. Complete the ProCard training

Card will be released to the cardholder after the required training is completed.

ProCard training is required. Training can be completed before or after submitting an application form. The ProCard training reviews the business processes, policies and procedures pertaining to proper use of the ProCard, and instruction how to review transactions in PaymentNet. The training is also highly recommended for card reviewers.

Cardholders are also required to take an online assessment test when card is renewed.

Click here to access the ProCard Training page.

3. Complete and submit a ProCard application

Be sure to:

Online Application Form Instructions

1.      ProCard applicants/Administrators must review the ‘card user agreement’ before using the online application form.

2.      Cardholder or designate person fills out the cardholder information and submits the application to their department administrator/ProCard Approver for approval. By submitting the online application, the card applicant/approver agrees with the card's terms and conditions.

3.      Department administrator/authorized procard approver reviews the cardholder information and fills out the Reviewer/Bgt/Acct Cd(Obj Cd)/ spend limit fields – then submits to the ProCard office for processing.

4.      ProCard Administrator will review and process the application.

5.      New cardholders must complete the required training before they receive a ProCard account.

Your School or College Astra delegator(s) will set up the department ProCard authorizers. Please go to the Astra website to see who can delegate authorizers in your department.

How to fill out/approve an application form

go to: ProCard Online Application


Astra- ProCard Authorization

ProCard authorization occurs within the organizational units, allowing the most direct and efficient method for managing ProCard applications.

When a ProCard Approver (User-level) is created in ASTRA, the authorization is not effective in Ariba until the next day.

How Delegators set up ProCard authorizers

If you have any questions/concerns regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Inquiries regarding ProCard and its roles should be directed to; inquiries regarding ASTRA should be directed to

Paper Applications - discontinued  as of January 15, 2012. Please see use the online application above.

ProCard Application
 - Use for individual card accounts

Express Mail Ghost Account Application
 - Use with express mail shipping(DHL, FedEx, UPS)

Ghost Account Application 
 - Use with specific vendors for scheduled or recurring payments.

4. Global Support

 The UW ProCurement Card Services fully supports the University of Washington's involvement and activities around the globe. UW staff based outside of the US may be eligible to receive a ProCard account. Please contact the ProCard office for more information.

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