What Shouldn’t be Purchased with the ProCurement Card?

  • Never use your ProCard for any personal or travel related expenses such as airfare, lodging, rental cars, and per diem meals. Local parking charges (within 50 miles of the employee's official duty station) can go on ProCard for UW business purposes only when the individual is NOT in travel status.
  • Automated External Defilbrillators(AED): see Procurement Services exception list.
  • Blood, Blood Serum and Platelets: see Procurement Services exception list.
  • Cadavers, Organs, and Other Human Tissue: see Procurement Services exception list.
  • Facility maintenance and repair: contact Facilities Services for all buildings and grounds work. If you are located in off campus rented facilities, contact the UW Real Estate Office.
  • Hazardous items: radioactive chemicals, lab refrigerators, pressure vessels, biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, xray/lasers, and other hazardous materials. If you need to purchase disposal services, contact Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Weapons: these types of transactions must have prior written approval obtained from the UW Police Department. See Procurement Services exception list
  • Machinery & Equipment (M&E Tax exempt) must be purchased using eprocurement.
  • Vehicles: purchase of vehicles or aircraft. For rental of vehicles in Seattle, contact UW Motor Pool; for rentals during travel status, refer to UW Travel.
  • New copier leases may not be processed through ProCard or the Non-PO Invoice methodology. Existing copier leases currently being paid with a ProCard or a Non-PO Invoice may continue to use these processes. Please check out the Managed Print Servces website if you require copier equipment and services: http://f2.washington.edu/mps/home
  • Goods or services from other University departments: contact the specific department, which can charge your budget by CTI, JV or ISD.
  • Term Contracts: orders for a specific period of time, such as open orders, standing orders and maintenance contracts, must be set up through Purchasing.
  • Services provided by University employees, or any temporary services which involve an employer/employee relationship, must be paid through UW Payroll. For personal services where no employer/employee relationship exists, refer to Administrative Policy Statement 59.1, Contracting for Outside Services, and the Payments to Individuals using Check Request Forms University of Washington 1570 or University of Washington 1571 Web page.
  • Animals/Animal Products: see Procurement Services exception list.
Restricted Unless Discretionary Funds/Special Approvals
The following items may be purchased by campus departments only if funded by discretionary 64-budgets or other budgets if expressly permitted by the funding source:
  • Personal office items, decorative and gift items: Examples are awards, briefcases, calendars, clocks, desk sets, flowers, pictures, plants, and plaques.
  • Food and beverages: Examples are food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, hosting and entertaining, coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators; contact Accounting Operations or Grant and Contract Accounting for approval to purchase food and beverages. Review the meals and light refreshments policy for specific conditions when UW funds may be used.

Do NOT use the ProCurement Card for these types of vendors:

  • Jewelry Stores (BLOCKED -contact ProCurement Card Services for exceptions)
  • Gambling Establishments (BLOCKED)
  • Furriers (BLOCKED)
  • Financial Institutions (ATM’s) (BLOCKED for all cash or financial services)
  • Service Stations for gas or automotive services (contact Motor Pool Dept.)
  • Personal Services requiring 1099 reporting
  • Firearms