Notary Bond Instructions

Parker Smith & Feek V# 163040-04 1 ea $50.00 03-29 (obj-subobj) (pays for bond)
Notary Bond Appointment for:
     Name of Notary
     City State Zip County
     Business Telephone #
     Date of Birth (not needed on renewals)
     Prev appoint date & license # (renewal only)
Dept of Licensing V# 117222-03 1 ea $30.00 03-29 (pays for license from WA State)
License fee for notary appointment, per attached bond
and renewal/application
  1. Renewal notice or application completed for new appointments required as an attachment.


  2. Purchase Requisition entered into PAS with the following information:


  3. Purchasing Dept. issues Purchase Order to Parker Smith & Feek Inc. for issuance of Notary Bond. Parker Smith & Feek will invoice PO for $50 and then send *original and a copy of the bond to applicant.


  4. When original bond is received, Notary must sign bond & forward a copy of bond to Accounts Payable along with a completed UW invoice Voucher for $30 Payable to:
         Dept of Licensing
         Notary Section
         State of Washington
         PO Box 9027
         Olympia WA 98507-9027

    * Special Check Handling Instructions * section on UW Invoice Voucher should read:
              (or application) 

    Item reads: Renewal/application fee for Notary Appointment; 1 ea $30.00

  5. Send the following to Purchasing, Box 351110 (with req. # written on all documents):
    a. UW Invoice Voucher payable to Dept of Licensing for $30
    b. Copy, signed bond
    c. Original renewal notice/new completed application
  6. Once all documents are received , Purchasing will process the purchase order & send all documents to Payables Administration for processing. Payables will send the check for $30, Orignal Bond and Renewal Notice or New Application to Dept of Licensing.

    NOTE: State of Washington Dept of Licensing will send Certificate of Appointment to Notary applicant. Once Certificate is received, a seal/stamp may be purchased, or existing seal/stamp may need to be corrected to reflect new appointment dates. Vendor commonly used for seal/stamp purchase is Mastermark V#110504-03, phone: 206-762-9610/fax: 206-763-8492. Enter a separate purchase
    requisition for the seal/stamp purchase.


Use Procard for the seal/stamp purchase.


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