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Coming Spring 2015! The Exception Items listed below will be available to order through eProcurement (Ariba). More information to come in the Procurement Services Newsletter.

It is the policy of Procurement Services that all orders should be placed through eProcurement (Ariba). The following includes a brief list of exceptions to this policy.

The provision of accurate information and responses is critical to ensuring the University of Washington’s continued compliance with state and federal law, awarding agency policy, and accreditation requirements. 

Spring 2015: By submitting a response to the exception questions within eProcurement you are certifying that all information you have provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. 

Topics Covered Below:

Exception List:

Category Additional Notes
Automated External Defibrillators (AED) All requests for AED purchases must be submitted to UW Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) prior to purchase and approved by EH&S. After purchase, department must have a documented AED operation and maintenance plan and notify EH&S when the AED arrives.
Biological Safety Cabinets See UW EH&S Information.  Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has published guidance regarding purchases of biological safety cabinets and standards.
Blood, Blood Serum and Platelets See UW EH&S Biological Use for additional information on blood borne pathogens and required biological use forms.

Cadavers, Organs, and Other Human Tissue

See UW EH&S Biological Use for additional information. Purchase of cadavers and/or human body parts must be in compliance with all legal, public health, and ethical standards.
Charters Aircraft, Boat, and Bus charters see: Charters / Transportation

Construction and Building Alteration, Modification, and Repairs

UW Owned Space:

Leased Space:

  • Contact UW Real Estate regarding building alterations and construction
Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives

Prohibited: Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other dangerous weapons or instruments on the university campus, except for authorized university purposes, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the UW Police Department, or any other person designated by the president of the university;


All weapons, firearms, and permanently attached accessories such as rifles, pistols, flare guns, net guns, tasers, rifle scopes, signal guns, line-throwing equipment, and animal control devices must be tagged and inventoried regardless of cost. Proper object codes are listed below:

Fume Hoods See UW EH&S Fume Hoods.  Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has published guidance regarding purchases of approved fume hoods, design standards, and best practices.
Lab Refrigerators / Lab Freezers See UW EH&S Refrigerators / Freezers for information on purchasing and required safety stickers.
Live Animals / Custom Animal Antibodies / Non-Preserved Animal Organs and Tissue Live AnimalsSee the Department of Comparative Medicine’s website on Animal Purchasing

Custom Animal AntibodiesAntibodies are considered customized if not purchased as a pre-made, off-the-shelf catalog item. 

Please see the Office of Animal Welfare’s website for more information.

Non-Preserved Animal Organs & Tissue- See the Purchasing Animal Tissue Guide.

If you have never purchased the following:

  • Sheep, Goat, or Cattle Placentas
  • Cow Eyeballs

Please contact Research Occupational Health before placing your order.

Additionally, please review the attached documents:

Radioactive Chemicals / Materials / Equipment See Radiation Safety.
Resale Items Resale certificate is required and may be obtained from the Tax Office.
UW Logo and/or Trademark Usage See UW Trademarks and Licensing for policies on use of any UW logo.
X-Ray / Lasers See UW EH&S Radiation Safety for procurement policies.


Looking for something not on this list?

See the Procurement Guide!

If in doubt, please contact Procurement Services Customer Service and we will review your invoice.


Foreign Suppliers and Household Moves

Additional Notes
Foreign Suppliers                                          

General Guidance:

  • If a supplier is in eProcurement, use eProcurement to place your order.
  • If a supplier is not in eProcurement, use PAS to place your order.

For more information, see the Foreign Suppliers page.

Household Moves See Relocation Options at the UW. Use PAS to place your order.


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