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Procurement Services eNews - December 15th Issue

(Posted 12/23/11)
Check out the latest issue of the UW Procurement Services eNews

Procurement Services eNews chronicles UW procurement news and information to assist faculty and staff in staying knowledgeable by providing tips and guidance, and details about upcoming improvements with UW systems or processes in our rapidly changing procurement landscape.

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New Quoting Capability for Dell in eProcurement

(Posted 12/8/11)
Dell can now do quotes in eProcurement. Customers receiving quotes can now enter them in Dell’s eProcurement catalog.

To access the saved quote, users will need to login to eProcurement. Next, click on “Create” in the menu bar and then click on “Requisition”. Click on Dell catalogs and then click on the Dell Premier “Buy from Supplier” button. Once on the Dell Catalog, please click “Quick Links” in the upper right corner, then click on “Custom Links” and “Non-Standard Catalog Quotes”.

Next, click the “Add to Cart” next to your Quote number to add the items to your basket. Once you have added all of your quotes into the basket and you are ready to create your order requisition by clicking on “Create Order Requisition”. Once complete, you will be returned to eProcurement where you will title your requisition. Guide your customers here for complete instructions.  

3% Withholding Tax Repealed

On November 21st, President Obama signed into law legislation that repeals the 3 percent withholding requirement that was set to take effect in 2013. The law would have required scores of public colleges and universities to withhold 3 percent of payments made for the purchase of certain goods and services. Read more…

Specialty Underwriters Equipment Maintenance Program

A contract with Specialty Underwriters for scientific equipment maintenance provides savings of 15-30% by converting existing maintenance agreements to a managed time and materials program. Read a testimonial from a UW customer and get more information about the program by clicking here

Office Depot's Quarterly Newsletter

This issue highlights UW's, as well Office Depot's Green Awards, in addition to introducing a pen made out of recycled products, and finishing with a story about the National Backpack Program. Read it here

RIP / Non-RIP Process Change

(Posted 11/16/11)
The process known as RIP/Non-RIP, where Accounts Payable sends copies of invoices to a campus box number is changing. Beginning January 1, 2012, Accounts Payable will no longer print and distribute RIP/Non-RIP notices to campus departments.

An improved, paperless process has been developed to replicate the data previously contained in the RIP/Non-RIP notices that will collectively save the UW time, money and valuable natural resources. A specific report in the newly developed suite of financial reports called Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) will provide RIP/Non-Rip data at your fingertips any time you need it. In addition, images of paid invoices will be retained in PDR for the state required 6 year retention period, eliminating the need for departments to duplicate that effort.

Questions about this improvement? Contact Julie Condit by email or phone at 206-685-0571. Need Training? Check out the Procurement Desktop Report Training, and the other offerings at:

New Structure Coming to the "How to Buy" Web Pages November 4th

(Posted 11/2/11)
Check out the new How to Buy web pages after they are launched and give us some feedback, but in the meantime you can review the new structure here.

One result from a LEAN process improvement project that Procurement Services tackled last spring was an improvement of our online instructions and resources by providing a How to Buy web portal that directed users to information they needed to know before they began their purchasing process. This includes preferred procurement methods, what to expect in the solicitation process, information about the Sole Source Justification process and more.

Update to the Request for Moving Expenses, A33 Form

Effective immediately, Academic Personnel has been removed from the moving expense approval process. No longer are departments required to send A33 Forms to Academic Personnel.

For more information, please see the moving expenses web page.

Update on eTravel Direct Deposit

(Posted 10/19/11)
Beginning Monday November 1, 2011 you may receive your travel reimbursement by direct deposit. If you are enrolled in payroll direct deposit your travel reimbursement will automatically be direct deposited to your bank account within 2 business days from final approval of your expense reimbursement. Providing direct deposit will eliminate trips to the bank and eliminate missing checks.


How will this work:
  • If you are enrolled in payroll direct deposit your check will automatically be deposited to your bank. Be sure to verify deposit prior to using the funds.
  • Deposits will appear on your bank statement as TRVL REIMB
  • If you prefer a paper check, in eTravel you can set your preference page to receive a paper check for all travel reimbursements or you will be provided an option on each expense reimbursement to select “no.”

Additional instructions are available at:

If you need assistance or have additional question contact the Travel Office at

Excel (Gloves) Supply Company is Now a Punchout

Kevin and Laurie have been very busy launching new suppliers in eProcurement and now we have word that the Excel Supply Company is now a punchout. Punchouts are the preferred method for supplier catalogs. A punchout catalog directs customers to a web application created by the supplier which functions similar to online ecommerce sites found on the World Wide Web. All in all, it is far superior to a static, hosted catalog. 

View and Approve your NonRIP invoices with Procurement Desktop Reports

(Posted 9/2/11)
Payment for invoices over $10,000 are not released to the supplier until it is approved by an authorized campus department official. You can now view and submit your departmental approval to release payment via the online Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR).


The Procurement Desktop Reports (PDR) allows you to view a report of all your invoices over $10,000 (NonRip) by your organizational code that are pending your departmental approval. The reports are updated daily and the data is as current as the previous business day.

To view the image of the invoice, click on the invoice number within the report.

Departments can communicate their approval to release payment via email or by clicking on the DSI # on the PDR Report to send us approval to release the payment. 

New Complete Office Punchout Catalog

(Posted 9/2/11)
Based on helpful feedback from dozens of UW departmental customers, Complete Office has built an entirely new Ariba website for the University of Washington. This site should greatly increase ordering efficiencies, help save money and is customizable for individual ordering needs.


And speaking of cost savings, Complete Office offers 100% recycled paper for $37.90 per case, so go to eProcurement to check it out, and for more information please contact Complete Office Account Manager, Dan Marcus at or Procurement Customer Service at

UW Contracts Online Beginning September 1st

(Posted 8/31/11)
A new Procurement Services website provides the opportunity for UW departments to easily search a contract repository for frequently purchased goods and services. These contracts are available for use by all UW departments. Go directly to the UW Contracts Page or click below to read more about the features.

Features and more info...

Here are some features:
  • UW Contracts offer established pricing, terms, and discounts designed to offer the best overall value to customers.
  • Information and instructions for use of each contract are provided along with contact information for the supplier and the Procurement Services staff who manages the contract.
  • Orders may generally be placed directly by departments at any dollar amount unless otherwise indicated.
  • UW Contracts are intended for institutional use, not personal use, unless specifically authorized in the contract.

This is not an exhaustive list of contracts. Procurement Services will continue to update the UW Contracts website with additional contracts as they become available.

If you are unable to locate a contract or price agreement for the product or service you need, please contact or Procurement Customer Service at (206)543-4500.

eProcurement Adds a New Supplier

(Posted 8/17/11)
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, designated as a federal small business enterprise, is the newest life science supplier in eProcurement. Over the past twenty years, the company has focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies, biochemicals, labware and more recently has expanded into animal health care products. Santa Cruz Biotechnology is committed to quality and customer service and is motivated to meet the needs of UW researchers. For more information, please contact Procurement Customer Service at 543-4500 or

HP to Evaluate Strategic Alternatives for Personal Systems Group

(Posted 8/19/11)
Hewlett-Packard has announced changes to their Personal Systems Group (PSG), including the exploration of the separation of its PC business into a separate company through a spin-off or other transaction.

How will this affect purchases of HP computing hardware from the University's contract supplier, CDW-G? The quick answer is that it won’t change anything in the short term. HP PSG Product Roadmaps for Desktops, Notebooks, Thin Clients and all products other than WebOS are unchanged. PSG Operations, Marketing, Support Operations, and all other operations are all intact and unchanged. Other than discontinuing HP WebOS Hardware Platform, i.e., the HP Touchpad and the HP Smartphone’s sometime in the future, there are no changes in the commitments to their products.

Procurement Services and will be providing updates and official communications as soon as they become available.

For additional information you can read the 8/18/11 press release here:

100% Recycled Paper is once again available through Office Depot

(Posted 8/1/11)
The closing of Grays Harbor Paper Mill left the state and our University without a source for 100% recycled paper, but as of July 18, 2011, we can now order 100% recycled content paper made by Georgia Pacific through Office Depot using eProcurement. This paper is manufactured in Washington State at their paper mill located in Camas satisfying our preference to purchase locally, and as an added sustainable benefit, their Camas mill produces 60% of its energy needs using renewable Bio-Mass fuel sources.

To order Georgia Pacific Spectrum® 100% Recycled Multi Use paper, go to Office Depot in eProcurement and use the following Office Depot SKU’s:

OD Item# %  Recycled Sheet Size UOM Price
790206 100% 8.5x11 Case $40.12
368158 100% 8.5x11 Pallet (40 Cases) $1,568.41
790278 100% 8.5x14 Case $55.37
790323 100% 11x17 Case $43.01
790197 100% 8.5x11(3 Hole Punch) Case $43.53


Keeney’s Launches New & Improved eProcurement Website

(Posted 7/21/11)
Keeney’s Office Supply & Office Interiors announces the launch of its new eProcurement ordering website. The new site has a modern, user-friendly platform and is fully-featured offering a more efficient and intuitive shopping experience for UW customers. Keeney’s has enhanced search capabilities, increased content and product details, improved the way in which customers create & maintain personal favorites lists, and expanded the usefulness of departmental order history.

Click here for a quick reference guide to help UW customers take advantage of the new website’s key features. If you’d like a personal tutoring session with Keeney’s rep Nik Pflugrath, please contact him at 425.285.0545 or  

June 2011 Issue of the Biennium Close Newsletter is now available

(Posted 6/20/11) 
With Biennium Crossover only 1 month away, we'd like to highlight tools and information that will help you prepare for a smooth biennium crossover.

To go directly to the Biennium Close Newsletter, click here

read more
The June 2011 issue includes information regarding the upload schedule, system availability, travel ER approvals, as well as other quick reminders, tools, tips and deadlines.

To go directly to the Biennium Close Newsletter, click here.

The 2nd edition of the Office Depot eProcurement Newsletter is now available

(Posted 5/31/11)
The June 2011 edition of the Office Depot newsletter contains information about the 'Greener SMART Cart' Feature, Office Depot Brand Ink & Toner, Custom Stamps and new products.

To go directly to the Office Depot June Newsletter, click here.

May 2011 Issue of the Biennium Close Newsletter is now available

(Posted 5/17/11)
With Biennium Crossover only 2 months away, we'd like to highlight tools and information that will help you prepare for a smooth biennium crossover.

To go directly to the Biennium Close Newsletter, click here

read more
The May 2011 issue includes spotlight articles that highlights MyFD expense transfer reminders, tools which can be used to correct posting entries, and provides information regarding the FAS upload schedule.

To go directly to the Biennium Close Newsletter, click here.

Coming Soon to Procurement Services: Online Supplier Registration Portal

(Posted 5/13/11)
Procurement Services will soon be releasing an online registration system for new suppliers doing business with the University. This will replace the paper supplier registration form and allow suppliers to register online, making the process more user-friendly and efficient

read more
The use of this online registration mechanism will drastically reduce the time it takes to get a supplier registered, as well as increase payment turnaround time. This new online process will lead to the phasing out of the use of the current paper forms. The current release date is scheduled for mid-July, 2011. Please keep an eye out for more updates.

New Contract Available to Campus - Specialty Underwriters

(Posted 4/15/11)
A new contract with Specialty Underwriters' is now available to campus customers for scientific equipment maintenance. Savings of 15-30% may be realized by converting existing maintenance agreements to a managed time and materials program, using the same providers that you currently have under contract.

read more
The program has been successfully implemented at numerous peer institutions. Customers may place orders directly with Specialty Underwriters preferably through Procard at any dollar limit (or through PAS), without the need for prior approval or sole source justification.
More information is available on the Specialty Underwriters page.  You may also contact the Strategic Sourcing Team for more information at:

Announcing the 2009-2011 Biennium Close web page

(Posted 3/25/11)
Biennium Close information and deadlines are online at This is the official Biennium Close website; please use this resource to guide your financial decisions...

read more
...adhering to recommendations and deadlines for your fiscal functions. Deadline dates have been vetted thoroughly, but there is always a possibility that unforeseen circumstances could force a change in some deadlines, so come back often for guidance especially as deadlines approach.

Announcing the new Travel Matrix

(Posted 3/25/11)
Please click "here" for a copy of the Travel Matrix which contains the recommended payment option for travel related transactions.

read more
More information and FAQs regarding the Central Travel Account and Individual Travel cards can be found at

Bio-Rad is now in eProcurement

(Posted 3/16/11)
We are pleased to announce that Bio-Rad, a life science supplier, is the newest addition to eProcurement. Bio-Rad is a punchout offering eInvoicing and custom quotes.

The Bio-Rad catalog features real-time pricing, real-time inventory and backorder status with estimated shipping costs prior to checkout. Users can create “Hot Lists” to manage regularly ordered products and receive order acknowledgment emails including a link to track delivery status.

Bio-Rad customers are encouraged to convert from previous purchasing methods and go to eProcurement to place your Bio-Rad orders to take advantage of the pricing and system efficiencies. To get started eProcurement users will need to set-up their address profile in eProcurement if they haven't already done so. Please address any questions to Procurement Customer Service at or call 206-543-4500.

Simplifying International Travel

(Posted 3/17/11)
UW Purchasing in collaboration with UW Global Operations Support and the UW Travel Office has finalized a contract with Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT), a travel agency specializing in international travel.

Travelers will benefit from this new contract with:
  • lower booking fees
  • after hour emergency booking services
  • department specific online portal to access CWT
  • reports to track international travel for faculty and staff

Please consider attending one of the three seminars conducted by CWT as they demonstrate their online portal and make themselves available for questions.
International Travel Presentation Schedule

  • - March 22, 10-11:30; Genome Sciences (Foege Building) - Room S-060
  • March 22, 1-2:30; T-22 Magnolia Conference Center - UW Tower
  • March 23, 10:30-12; Department of Global Health, Room 1309 - 9th & Jefferson Building (new building across from Harborview Hospital)
    Register online under the heading "International Travel Presentation" at

Bioline Launches Punchout Catalog in eProcurement

(Posted 3/11/11)
Bioline launched their eProcurement hosted catalog in January of this year and as of Thursday, March 10th they launched their punchout catalog, providing further user enhancements by supporting custom quotes in addition to eInvoicing which was already available from their hosted site.

The hosted sight will be removed from eProcurement in two weeks, so please transition to the punchout catalog as soon as possible.
Bioline is an ISO 9001:2000 & federally certified small business company and is one of the world’s few manufacturers of ultra-pure dNTPs. Bioline is able to offer bulk, custom and OEM dNTP services for large labs carrying out multiple assays. Bioline has developed and manufacture a portfolio of more than 300 reagents and kits, many of them proprietary, for molecular biology, cell analysis and nucleic acid and protein separation and purification.

For more information on this eProcurement catalog, please click here to go to Bioline’s supplier page.

Office Depot March Newsletter, 1st edition

Office Depot, an eProcurement supplier, has partnered with Procurement Services in the development of a quarterly newsletter

Office Depot, an eProcurement supplier, has partnered with Procurement Services in the development of a quarterly newsletter with the latest tips, news, important events and information for eProcurement users to facilitate educated purchasing decisions. Click here for the 1st edition (soon to be a collectible ).

ALERT: Potential Phone Scam hitting ICA cartridges

(Posted 2/15/11)
ICA has received several calls on February 15th about a company that has been calling to get Procard payment information.  ICA wants to alert you to this scam.

Read the full message...
The following message is from Trevor Baglien, Information Systems Manager from UW Athletics:

In the last few minutes I've received information about a company calling around the ICA attempting to get the staff to accept giving a payment or informing them of the equipment we have within the ICA (FAX, Printers etc.).  THIS IS A SCAM.  They will try to get your ProCard (or some form of payment)or ultimately drop off a shipment of goods and expect the ICA to pay for it.  If you have ANY calls like this, please do not give out any information, only refer them to me (give them my name and number)."

Apple “Invoice Complete”

(Posted 2/14/11)
Effective 02/14/2011, Apple orders placed with Apple Direct through ProCard and Apple orders placed through PAS will automatically be placed in “Ship Complete” status

What does this mean...
Effective 02/14/11, Apple orders placed with Apple Direct through ProCard and Apple orders placed through PAS will automatically be placed in “Ship Complete” status. This means that all items on the order will be held until they can all be shipped at once. The purchaser can override this to allow for partial shipments. This enhancement will resolve challenges with reconciling multiple invoices for a single equipment order that are caused by partial shipments.

More information is available at .>

Tax Office Starts 2011 Tax Training Series

(Posted 2/1/11)
- Washington State Sales and Use Tax Overview -
For more information and a link to the sign up page please see the Tax Training page at

The UW Tax Office will be offering tax classes again this year. The first class in Series I is a reprise of the Washington State Sales and Use Tax training from last year. If you deal with Washington state taxes and have NOT attended this training, you SHOULD.

For more information and a link to the sign up page please see the Tax Training page at Questions: Contact Julia Shanahan, Tax Director at / 616-3003

Distribution of paper checks for suppliers & travel reimbursements transitioning to Creative Communications starting Feb 15

(Posted 1/24/11)

The distribution of paper checks for payments to vendors/suppliers and checks for travel reimbursement which is currently handled by Procurement Services will be transitioned to Creative Communication-Mailing Services unit starting February 15th. More information is available at: . Questions: Procurement Customer Services at 206-543-4500 or

Announcing eProcurement's Newest Supplier: eBioscience

(Posted 12/24/10)
eBioscience Inc. a manufacturer of antibodies, reagents and cytokines for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical research community is now available in eProcurement.

Located in San Diego, California, they are classified as a small business by the Federal Small Business Administration.

For more information about eBioscience, please see their eProcurement Supplier page.

Agilent: New to eProcurement

(Posted 12/17/10)
Agilent Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of scientific test equipment, bio-analytical and electronic measurements tools, supplies and consumables, including Strategene products, is now available in eProcurement.


PLEASE NOTE:  Because the Agilent Quote field is NOT currently supported in eProcurement, do not use the quote tab in their eProcurement catalog.
We are working with Agilent to resolve this issue.  If you attempt to use the feature, you will be asked to provide a purchase order or credit card number but it will never return the cart back to eProcurement.  If you proceed and attempt to order, you may receive an order confirmation; however, there is no guarantee you will receive your goods.  

Please alert the eProcurement team “anytime” you are asked to supply a purchase order or credit card number when ordering from an eProcurement catalog.  This means something is not working with the site and you should back out of the punchout.  In the case of Agilent, we are aware of the issue so you do not need to alert us.
For more information about Agilent Technologies, please see their eProcurement Supplier page

Office Depot "Green Cart" Makes it Easier to Go Green>

(Posted 12/17/10)
The new Office Depot Green Cart feature will help your office become “greener” by recommending an alternate item with “greener” attributes when one is available.

When an item with partial or no recycled content is added to your shopping cart and an alternate item with higher recycled content exists, a message bar will appear and will give you the option to select the “greener” item, or keep the item you originally requested. This is just another way Office Depot is helping to make the University of Washington a “greener” campus.

For more information about Office Depot, please see their eProcurement Supplier page.

Millipore is the Newest Catalog in eProcurement

(Posted 11/5/10)
We’re pleased to announce Millipore as the newest contracted supplier in eProcurement. Millipore is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bio science research and bio pharmaceutical manufacturing.

As a strategic partner, they collaborate with customers to confront the world's challenging human health issues. From research through development to production, Millipore’s scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle their most complex problems and achieve their goals.

Dell Fixes Contact Information on Packing Slips

(Posted 11/5/10)
Dell has initiated a fix that will associate the phone number of the person who ordered the product on the packing slip<

In the past, Dell orders couldn’t capture the phone number of the person ordering the goods on the packing slip. Last week that was corrected and from now on the phone number on the packing slip will be associated with the person that is ordering the goods. If you have any questions please contact Procurement Customer Service by email or call 543-4500.

Sigma-Aldrich is Announcing Free Freight at UW beginning Nov 1st

(Posted 11/5/10)
Standard freight and handling charges will be waived on any size Sigma-Aldrich orders using eProcurement.This special offer is for 6 months and will be evaluated at that time to determine keeping the program based on your response.

  • Hazard charges and $3 fuel surcharge still apply.
  • Overnight fees are $10 (reduced from $30).
  • Orders requiring truck shipments are still charged standard fees.

More information and Sigma-Aldrich contact information is available here.

Two Supplier Shows Occurring Nov 3rd

(Posted 11/2/10)
Do you purchase from Office Depot or VWR using eProcurement? If so, please consider visiting these vendor shows tomorrow, November 3rd.

Office Depot "Go Green, Save Green" Supplier Show
Time:  10:00 - 2:00 pm
Location: Health Sciences Main Lobby (between A&C Wing)

VWR Fall Product Show
Time:  11-00 - 1:30 pm
Location: South Campus Center - 316 (main campus)

Qiagen Comments Activated

(Posted 10/21/10)
eProcurement users can now add comments such as promo codes, special instructions etc. per line item when purchasing from Qiagen.

Simply add a note in the comment field at the line item level and check the “Visible to Supplier” box to trigger this option. The order will then get flagged for review by Qiagen’s customer care team and in turn they will make the necessary adjustments to the order. See visual step-by-step instructions.

Please contact Laurie Hunt ( or 206-685-3566) for more information or instruction.

Data & Reporting Changes for eProcurement Transactions

(Posted 10/15/10) 
Starting November 1st eProcurement will be sending eInvoicing (EI) transactions through the Purchasing System (PAS) instead of directly to the Financial System (FAS). This new change will result in the ability to better report data related to purchasing transactions for both Central Administration and Campus units. One of the most significant changes is how the data is processed and recorded in FAS and ultimately displayed on MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) reports and queries.

In the past the reference numbers on MyFD, or in other downloadable reports from the Data Warehouse included the eProcurement purchase order (PO) number or the EI number and the eProcurement requisition number or the S (US) number. With this latest enhancement, the system will be displaying the eProcurement PO number (EI number) and the eProcurement invoice number; you will no longer see the eProcurement Requisition number (S or US number). If for some reason you still need to have access to the Requisition number you will need to log into eProcurement and search using the EI number, which in turn will give you the Requisition number.

More information about the Data and Reporting Changes in MyFD

The Procurement Customer Service team can assist with any questions you may have (206.543.4500).

Praxair Standing Order Scheduling Information now visible in eProcurement

(Posted 10/15/10)
Recently there have been some challenges with Praxair standing orders in which the end user scheduling information entered into the Praxair website was not displaying in eProcurement. A solution has been developed which fixed that issue so end users can now see that information.

To make this information visible, end users need to have the "show details" enabled on their Praxair orders. In addition to this improvement, end users can also see the comments section on the invoice.

Questions? Please contact Laurie Hunt at 206-685-3566.More...

Sponsoring Supplier Fairs

Has your department been approached to act as a sponsor? Procurement Services can help.

Campus departments may be approached by outside companies who want to host "Supplier Fairs" on campus. These companies rent space on campus and charge suppliers a fee to set up a table at the fair to promote their products to campus customers. If your department is approached by one of these companies and asked to act as a sponsor, please refer them to Procurement Services for assistance and coordination. Procurement Services will ensure consistency with UW guidelines for such events.

Contact Carla Helm at 543-8056, or email .

New Supplier Registration under Development

Procurement Services has undertaken a LEAN project to revise and improve the “Supplier Registration” process.

The new “Supplier Registration” process will:
  1. Simplify to reduce the number of steps and the time to register a supplier
  2. Standardize to establish an easy to use, efficient process to submit supplier information

In the short term, please use supplier registration form at: .

For more information, please contact Alex Belov at: 543-0816 or .

To learn more about Finance and Facilities LEAN efforts, explore .

Ability to update the Department Contact information on PAS begins Sept 22nd

(Posted 9/22/10)
New PAS programming goes into effect Sept 22 2010, which allows campus departments to update the "department contact" information on their PAS purchase orders.

Correct and up-to-date information will allow Purchasing and Accounts Payable to communicate effectively with the appropriate people when there is an issue or problem with the purchase order or resulting invoices. Incorrect contact information can lead to delayed payments to the supplier.

More information and step-by-step instructions with screenshots are available at


Private Off-Site Facility Use is Specific to Staff Retreats or Board of Regent Activity. All funding sources apply. The exemption process begins Thursday, July 1, 2010.

See the ProCard Services News page on the New OFM Requirement

Important Announcement about Single Line Analog Phones - Now Available through eProcurement

(Posted 7/12/10)
UW Technology has announced they will no longer provide single line analog phones to campus, effective July 1, 2010. Departments wishing to purchase new or replacement phones can place orders through eProcurement.

Suitable single line analog phones, with tone dialing mode, manufactured by Cortelco, are available at contract prices through CDW-G ‘s eProcurement catalog. They have identified several acceptable models in their catalog by including “Univ Washington” in the item description. To assist in selecting the appropriate single line phone, UW Technology has provided the following information:


  • Should not use VOIP Technology, interfere with UW’s wireless network and not be 2.4GHZ
  • Other features to consider: flash, memory, redial and mute buttons; visual ringer light and speaker phone.
  • Voice mail message waiting lights will not work on single lines connected to UW IT’s system, although they will receive an audible message waiting indication.

Questions? Email the UW-IT Technology Service Center at or call 206-221-5000.

Starting July 6, 2010, you will no longer need to check a box stating you are purchasing equipment.

We are continually working to improve and eliminate unnecessary steps within eProcurement. Starting July 6th, you will no longer need to check a box stating you are purchasing equipment. f your order contains equipment all you need to do is change the object code to reflect the type of equipment and your order will be routed to the Equipment Inventory Office for review. Read more information here...

Note: You will still need to check a box, add a comment and choose the appropri9ate object code for M&E exceptions.

NEW OFM REQUIREMENT: Exemption requests required for use of private, off-campus facilities

(Posted 7/2/10)
Effective immediately (July 1, 2010), the Office of Financial Management is requiring that state agencies (including the University of Washington) submit exemption requests for any off-site, off-campus facility use.

In order to minimize use of the exemption request process, we are asking that all academic and administrative units make every effort to use local University facilities before considering off-site facilities. If your unit has considered all on-campus facilities first and must hold a retreat, training session, conference or other substantial community building activity off-campus, whether that facility is free to you or carries a fee, you must submit an exemption request to the Office of Planning & Budgeting for submittal to OFM. The exemption request process applies to all off-site facility use, regardless of fund source.

All applicable off-site facility use exemption requests should be sent to Please note that this is the same email address that all units should use to request exemptions for hiring, equipment purchase and training or travel using GOF funds.

Click here for FAQ's for this new requirement and if you need additional information, please direct questions to Sarah Hall at: or 206-543-4804


(Posted 6/24/10)
As of July 1, 2010, Purchasing will no longer process PAS requisitions under the direct by limit if the supplier is an eProcurement supplier or will accept the ProCard.

Requisitions submitted may be returned in PAS (Purchasing & Accounting System) and a separate email notification will be sent to the department contact listed on the requisition.

Please remember to provide legitimate "exception" information in the BELOW SMALL $ JUSTIFICATION screen in PAS if your requisitions falls under one of the exception categories..

Ranin Instruments and EMD Chemicals are now available in eProcurement!!!

Ranin Instruments, located in Oakland California, designs and manufactures advanced pipetting solutions for the research community. They are considered an industry leader in ergonomically designed and easy to use products, including the BioClean brand tips, designed to be free of bioactive components and external contaminants, like DNA, DNAse, RNse, ATP, Pyrogens and PCR inhibitors. Rainin’s entire product catalog will be available through eProcurement. All orders placed with Rainin through eProcurement will include free standard shipping.

EMD Chemicals is considered a leading manufacturer of high purity solvents and chemicals, analytical reagents, microbiology media, chromatography which includes the Calbiochem, Novabiochem and Novagen product lines. All orders placed with EMD through eProcurement will include free standard shipping.

Both of these catalogs are hosted catalogs so you will need to click on “Show All” (under Suppliers) on the left menu to find the supplier or you can use the key word search within eProcurement to find your items.
If you have questions or need assistance please call the eProcurement Help Desk at 685-3558 or email

Applied Bioscience is now live in eProcurement!!!

(Posted 5/27/10)

We are very pleased to announce that Applied Biosystems, commonly referred to as ABI is now live in eProcurement.  Applied Biosystems offers a variety of biomedical research products including reagents, consumables, assays, primers, kits, buffers, enzymes and plastic ware. These products support research in the areas of DNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR, protein analysis, Gene Expressions and SNP Genotyping studies and cell biology as well as applications such as Human Identification, Forensics, Animal Health and Food Safety.

The ABI eProcurement catalog has the same functionality as their regular on-line site so it should be a smooth transition to the eProcurement catalog. They offer feature such as standing orders, special quotes, oligo configuration, and order tracking. Please check out the new supplier at :

Please note that ABI will be offering special promotions through the eProcurement site in the future. If you have questions or need assistance please call the eProcurement Help Desk at 685-3558 or email


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