General Payment Information for the 2013-2015 Biennium

The PAS system processes vendor payments every night except for 7/7/2015, which is the FAS biennium crossover. The PAS system cannot issue payments for new-biennium invoices before the FAS biennium crossover

Please Note: PAS vendor payments include printed vendor checks as well as ACH and bankcard payments


July 1st - 6th Vendor payments dated July 1st - 6th are only for the PRIOR biennium (2013-2015)
July 7th

PAS system will be down and unavailable from about 6pm on the evening on July 7th

(FAS biennium crossover occurs)

July 8th

No vendor payments issued today. No special payment requests can be accepted or processed.

The new Biennium is now set as 2015-2017

July 9th
First date for posting new-biennium PAS transactions to FAS
July 27th
until the next
FAS biennium crossover
in July 2017
PAS vendor payments only available for NEW biennium (2015-2017)



FAS processes only one biennium per night. PAS transactions are stacked and held in the PAS database until FAS processes the appropriate biennium. (Transactions such as payments and encumbrances which have not been posted to the FAS system or to MyFD may be viewed on the PAS driver.)

PAS transactions from July 27 thru July 31 will not be posted to the financial system until the evening of August 3.


When will you see transactions on the FIN driver and MyFD?

PRIOR-BIENNIUM transactions should be posted to FAS in the evening

Dates for posting prior-biennium transactions to the FAS system:
(They should be available on the FIN driver and in MyFD on the next day.)

7/8, 7/10, 7/14, 7/16, 7/17 and 7/22
(7/24 is the last day)

NEW-BIENNIUM PAS transactions
should be posted to FAS
on specific days during
the first 3 weeks of July 2013.

They should be available for viewing on the FIN driver and in MyFD on the next day.

Dates for posting new-biennium transactions to the FAS system:
(They should be available on the FIN driver and in MyFD on the next day.)

7/9, 7/13, 7/20,
7/23, 7/28 thru next biennium close*
(*see note below)


* Note:  After 7/31, PAS transactions are posted to the FAS system nightly with the following exceptions:

  • FAS special processing, including special processing for biennium close
  • During the dual Biennium Close processing, the system can upload only one biennium transactions at a time, therefore we alternate posting to the financial systems. For example, July is split into month 25 and month 1.  Transactions processsed on a month 25 will post on the next following month 25. So a transaction processed on July 9th (Month 25) will post on July 11th (the following Month 25).
        July 1
    July 2
    Month 24
    July 3
    July 6
    Month 24 Final Close
    July 7
    Biennium Close Crossover
    July 8
    Month 25
    July 9
    Month 1
    July 10
    Month 25
    July 13
    Month 1
    July 14
    Month 25
    July 15
    Month 1
    July 16
    Month 25
    July 17
    Month 25
    July 20
    Month 1


    July 21
    Month 25


    July 22

    Last Day for Campus Department Entries

    July 23
    Month 1


    July 24

    Dean's Day

    July 27


    July 28
    Month 1


    July 29


    July 30


    July 31
    Final Close Financial Reporting Entries only
  • Final close of an accounting month JAMDAYEOM3" on the FAS production schedule available on the FIN kiosk)