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Ariba Modules: eProcurement, eTravel, Non-PO and eReimbursements

Currently, there is no biennium crossover period available in Ariba. Therefore, all Ariba transactions must be submitted, fully approved and reconciled by June 27th to be charged to the old biennium. This includes:

  • eProcurement Orders
  • eTravel
  • Non-PO Invoices
  • eReimbursements

Invoices for eProcurement Orders (both Catalog and Non-Catalog) must be received by June 27th to be applied toward old biennium funds.  Anything fully approved and paid after June 27th will be in the new biennium, however, it will not appear in MyFD until July 11th.  This is due to the way PAS stacks items for biennium processing.
Please note: Payments for Ariba invoices are held from July 1st to July 9th.

If you are not sure how to tell when your eProcurement order invoice was reconciled, here's how to find the transaction reconciliation date.

 Important things to keep in mind:

  • With eProcurement, the emphasis is on the invoice date.  The invoice date relies upon the supplier availability.  Items on back-order can delay the invoicing process.
  • Make sure your budget is open  to expenditure.  Even if fully approved by 5pm on June 27th, if the budget is not open to expenditure the transaction will reject and it will not be paid on the old biennium.  If you need assistance with a close grant and contract budget, please contact Grant & Contract Accounting (

The Ariba Modules (eTravel, eProcurement Orders, Non-PO Invoices and eReimbursements) will crossed over to the new biennium on July 8, 2013. Old biennium budgets will no longer be listed in the Ariba system (drop down menus have been cleared) as of July 9th, 2013.

Did you start an order in Ariba that you didn't finish?  Here is what you need to know:

  • eProcurement orders, Non-PO Invoice payments, or eReimbursement requests that were saved but not yet submitted by July 8th will require the preparer to Edit the budget to current biennium.
  • eProcurement orders, Non-PO Invoice payments, or eReimbursement requests that were submitted but not fully approved by July 8th will require the Approver to deny the request, or the preparer to Withdraw the request, so that the preparer may Edit the budget to current biennium.

Questions? Please contact Procurement Customer Service at (206) 543-4500 or email them at


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