OPUS Audit Requirements

Departments must keep adequate documentation to support personnel/payroll actions entered into OPUS. This includes documentation of the request and the accompanying approval. It is not necessary to print PERMs; PERMs are stored in the Online PERM Retrieval System.  Please see Payroll Online Systems and Payroll Coordinator’s Guide for more information on personnel/payroll actions entered into OPUS.

Adding Notes in OPUS

When entering any type of change into OPUS, you should always add a note to document the reason or approval of why a change has happened. This will help prevent any miscommunication between the enterer of the change and the reviewers of the change.

The "Notes" function can be found on the black tool bar and can be used any time prior to "Submit". If an enterer has not specified adding a "Note", a prompt will appear after clicking "Finish. Send PERM" allowing the enterer another chance to enter a note. Most Central Offices give specific instructions via email to add a note when they have approved a change. This is a requirement and the email can be copied and pasted into the "Notes" box.

Notes become a permanent part of the PERM and cannot be removed.

Creating an Additional Note

Additional notes can be added to records after the change has occurred and the PERM created.   Bring up the PERM using the PERM Retrieval function or Employee Overview/Prior Actions.

The link “Create Additional Note” will be on the top right of the PERM. Enter in appropriate note. This may be the email sent by HR or Compensation in which enterer must copy and paste.

A Notification Box indicates additional note added and "View Additional Notes" tab appears for user/PERM recipients to view added note.

Note: Creating an additional note will not generate a new PERM. Additional Note will need to be viewed on PERM detail. It will appear at the bottom of the PERM.