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Direct Deposit

Check Employee Self Service to make sure that the account listed is correct. Then check the Printable Earnings Statement in ESS to see if the check was direct deposit (D) or a paper (P) check. You can see this from the number at the top middle of the earnings statement, where the number is started by D or P.  If it is a D check, contact your financial institution to inquire about your check.

Funds should become available in your bank account on payday. Please contact your bank directly if your funds are not available.

A pre-note is a test run that is sent to your bank before actual funds are deposited to make sure that the account is valid to receive direct deposit.

No, our current system only allows your funds to be deposited into one bank and one account. Contact your bank to discuss automatic transfers into other accounts.  However, the UW does have an agreement with three Credit Unions so that designated amounts can be deducted from your pay check and deposited into the Credit Union account. This will appear as a Deduction on your paystub. The Credit Unions are School Employees Credit Union of Washington, Washington State Employees Credit Union, and Harborstone Credit Union (formerly Prevail). Payroll deduction forms are available on their website.

Yes, direct deposit can be made to any financial institution within the United States.

No, it is necessary to sign up for payroll direct deposit as well as student account direct deposit. These processes are on two different systems.

You would get your paper check from your home department. Contact your payroll coordinator to see how paychecks are distributed in your department.

Earn Type/Object Code Changes

These type of corrections have tax implications to the employee and must be corrected in the Payroll system. Send the PERM showing the corrections to with the subject line as Earn Type Corrections and information of what the corrections should be. Please note that budgets must remain open until all of the corrections appear in MyFD. Other similar corrections include SWB (01-90) to GSA (01-40).

Maybe. Some earn type or object code corrections may have an implication on taxes or other deductions, so these corrections need to be approved by Central Payroll. If Central Payroll rejects and returns your transactions in MyFD, directions will be given with the reason and the next steps. REG/TRN and SWB/GSA combinations cannot be corrected in MyFD.

Email Access

Email Access is used for new employees that need to establish a UWNetID, but not enough information has been determined to enter the OPUS appointment. The employee must have a social security number and the anticipated start date must be in the future. Upon successful entry, the system will issue the Employee ID number (EID) and a Private Access Code (PAC). This information needs to be given to the employee so they can set up their UW NetID.

The Private Access Code is a password generated by the entry in Email Access or the initial hire appointment in OPUS. It is used by an employee to set up their UWNetID and to gain access to email.

Employees can set up their UWNetID online by going to Or contact the UW Technology Help Desk, 206-221-5000.

You may tell the employee their PAC in person or in a telephone conversation. Do not tell anyone other than the employee since this is their temporary password. It is not wise to leave the PAC on an answering machine or voice mail unless you know that this information will be heard only by the employee. A Payroll Coordinator should never take the PAC and create the UWNetID for an employee.

The Email Access system will generate a new PAC for employees that have not yet set up their UWNetID. Enter the name or Social Security number of the employee. Click the Find Employee link on the top right on the black toolbar. The employee information should appear. Click the Create PAC button that should appear at the bottom of the page to get a new password. Contact the UW Technology Help Desk,, 206-221-5000 if the Create PAC button does not appear.

Emergency Checks

If you have a lost, damaged or stale-dated check that needs to be replaced, you can request a replacement by emailing with Cancel/Reissue in the subject line. In the email, include your name, EID, check number and/or payday date, net amount, reason for replacement and any additional contact information.

No. Paydays are mandated by the state. A state employee cannot receive their payroll salary any earlier than the payday in which the hours are being paid. RCW 42.16.010(1)

Emergency checks only post in the payroll system after a full payroll calculation has occurred. You will see the check in the Check History and on the Check Register on the following pay cycle.

No. The direct deposit file is only sent when payroll is processed, so any out-of-cycle emergency checks are always paper checks. You can always elect to have your underpayment be included as direct deposit with the next regular payday if you wish not to receive a paper check.

There is a display error regarding some of the deductions/reductions actually taken on some of our handdrawn emergency checks. If you notice an error, but the amount of your check is correct, please wait until the check has posted in the payroll system to review the check details in ESS. Otherwise, you can contact the Payroll Office to provide you a breakdown of your check details.

The typical turnaround time for emergency checks is 24 hours and you will be emailed or called when the check is available for pickup. Requests sent to must have Emergency Check in the subject line or it will not be processed.

Yes. An employee can pick up their own Emergency Check from the Payroll Office with photo ID.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

UW employees connect to the ESS application using their UW NetID and password to authenticate. The login and all of the data transmission between the browser and the ESS server are encrypted, and can only be viewed by you. This encryption means that anyone who might intercept the stream of data as it flows over the network cannot use it to read your personal data.

Your personal data is stored in the Payroll and Personnel database (HEPPS). HEPPS is used to issue paychecks, manage benefits, deduct taxes, etc. Every time you request your data through ESS a connection is made to the database to retrieve your data. No data is stored on a web server.

You should never share your UW NetID and password with anyone. You should keep your password private. Your UW NetID provides access to systems with confidential information.

Yes. Details about your pay, job title, Payroll Coordinator contact information can be found on the Job Profile page.