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Annual Attendance Incentive Program (LPA)

The calculation is the full time monthly salary divided by 173.33 multiplied by eligible hours multiplied by 25%.

After verifying that payment has been made, it is up to the department's timekeeper to update employees' OWLS records.

No. Unless otherwise stated, the deadline for the program is the last working day in January. The completed form with all of the appropriate signatures must be received by the Payroll Office no later than 5pm that day.

You are only eligible to be paid out for the hours accrued less the hours you may have used or donated as shared leave. If you still believe that there is an error on the hours you were paid, contact your OWLS timekeeper to review your leave records for accuracy.

Due to the volume of employees participating in this program and the verification of information on the form, payout can take up to two pay periods to process. However, most payments are generally processed by the February 10th payday.


ASTRA stands for Access to Systems, Tools, Resources and Applications. For payroll purposes, it is used to give staff access to the payroll systems (OPUS, Time Reporting, Data Warehouse, Online Timesheet, Early Email Access).

An Authorizer is the person within the department authorized to manage (create or delete) User access to applications. Each department should have two ASTRA Authorizers. Authorizers are typically those that perform some type of administrative role with regards to applications.

A User is a person who has been given access to use the systems.

Staff can find the ASTRA Authorizers for their department by going to the ASTRA Search and Edit Authorizations page and clicking the link Who can Authorize me found in the FAQs. Log in using your UWNetID and password. Or, contact the UW Payroll Office,

Authorizer access is given by a Central Office (Payroll). An email should be sent with the name of the person requesting access and the payroll unit code (PUC). The director or dean should be copied on the email request. Requests for payroll systems Authorizer Access can be sent to

Payroll Coordinators listed in Employee Self Service (ESS) and OPUS are based on the OPUS role given through ASTRA. The Coordinator role means that they will be listed as the Payroll Coordinator for the unit. The Payroll role means the staff member will have access to the systems but not as a point of contact or Payroll Coordinator.

Yes, as long as you have the Authorizer access to those units. More than one PUC can be listed in the Limit section of the access. Enter the PUC and click Find and Verify. Repeat this action until all the PUCs have been entered.

A confirmation email will be sent to the Authorizer and the User usually within a few minutes of the access being granted. Once this email is received, the User should be able to access the system.

More information can be found at

The Owner is the responsible party for the authorization. They may not have created the record but have authority to manage it in ASTRA or to request updates if centrally managed. The Creator is the person who uses ASTRA to set up the authorization. By default, they are also the Owner but they may change this to someone else. When an authorization is created, a person is selected that it will be Assigned To. This can be for User, Authorizer or Delegator permissions.

Edit and delete buttons on authorizations are determined by the Ownership of the access. Contact the Owner of the record and ask them to change Ownership. Or, contact the Payroll Office, for assistance.

Access can be removed by searching for the employee and putting a check in the box by the access that should be deleted. A delete button is available at the top of the authorization page. This will send the deleted access to the cart for check out.


Pay check deductions are managed by different departments at the University of Washington.  The links below contain information about who to contact:


For information about Voluntary deductions:


For information about Payroll Taxes:


For information about Involuntary deductions:



Pay check deductions are managed by different departments at the University of Washington.  The only voluntary deduction managed by the Payroll Office is the credit union deduction.  See the following link for more information about who to contact:

Direct Deposit

You can start by going to Employee Self Service (ESS) to login with your UW Net ID and password. For new employees, the welcome page in ESS will have a link to start your direct deposit. Otherwise, you should see the Direct Deposit link toward the top of the screen.

If a paper form must be used, please go to the Forms section for the Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Once it's filled out with a voided check attached, please send it to the UW Payroll Office (campus mailbox 359555).

If your account information is listed in ESS but you are receiving paper payday checks, contact the Payroll Office (

Yes, please re-enter. Sometimes your direct deposit may have already dropped from the payroll system. Check Employee Self Service and update, even if it's the same account information as before.