The Basics: Introduction to MyFinancial.desktop | Check course availability and register for class

In this introductory course, we will explain how financial information at UW is organized, where the data resides in MyFinancial.desktop, discover the linkages between UW's Financial Accounting System (FAS), as well as how to recognize different budget types. You will gain the knowledge needed to navigate and interpret data in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD). At this time, this class will have hands on activities. 

Through course discussion you will:

  • See how financial information is ogranized 
  • Discover how to read budget balances
  • Discover how to navigate reports (Budget Summary, Transaction Summary, Budget List)
  • Learn how encumbrances and open balances affect your budgets
  • Learn the tools necessary to accomplish online transaction/budget reconciliation (Reconciliation Report and Reconciliation Status Report) 

Experience Level: Beginner
Location: Seattle Campus, Roosevelt Commons (Room info e-mailed with confirmation)
Dates (all classes close 3 days prior):

MyFinancial.desktop Queries Workshop | Check course availability and register for class

This workshop is designed to help MyFinancial.desktop users conquer the query tool! This workshop is comprised of two distinct pieces: an introduction and an overview of queries followed by an opportunity to try your hand at creating and running queries, using your own budgets, in a computer classroom. This workshop is appropriate for current MyFD users who are very comfortable using the MyFinancial.desktop reporting application.

Course will cover the basics of querying including:

  • Creating queries
  • Identifying queryable information
  • Understanding the reasons for querying
  • Additional resources.

Students are encouraged to bring questions and ideas for specific queries they would like to run.

Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Location: Seattle Campus, Roosevelt Commons  (Room info e-mailed with confirmation)
Dates (all classes close 3 days prior):

  • No classses are currently scheduled

Cancellation Policy:

To cancel your spot in a MyFD class, please email us at at least one business day prior to the class.

In the event the MyFD trainers decide that a class must be cancelled (i.e. for low attendance), we will notify class attendees by email at least two business days prior to the class and post a notification on the classroom door. Every effort will be made to communicate the class cancellation to the attendees in a reasonable amount of time to avoid any inconvenience to our students.


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