Faculty Effort Training Classes and Materials

Classroom Training Opportunities
In an effort to provide departments with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully manage the effort certification process, Management Accounting and Analysis (MAAi) provides the following training sessions. These sessions are divided into three categories, "Introductory," "Beyond the Basics," and "Advanced."
In addition, MAA offers a certifcate program for the successful completion of eight or more of these classes . The following provides more information on the certificate program as well as the individual training sessions.

Certificate in Effort Reportingi

Completion of the three "Introductory" classes and the five "Beyond the Basics" classes earns a "Certificate in Effort Reporting. Class rosters will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and individuals who qualify for the Certificate will be notified. A congratulatory email will also be sent to the participant's department administrator.
On completion of the remaining two "Advanced" classes and additional "Certificate in Advanced Effort Reporting" will be awarded.

Introductory Classes

Introduction to Faculty Efforti Certification
Provides a general overview of compliance requirements and the steps necessary to successfully review effort reports. Designed for staff new to effort reporting and as a refresher for more experienced staff. Recommended as a foundation course to be taken before the eFECS Online Certification class. Sponsored by Management Accounting and Analysis.
eFECS for FEC Coordinators
This class is designed to provide FEC Coordinators and/or Administrators with a comprehensive demonstration of the eFECS application and how it is used in the certification process. It will take the participant through the various screens available in the eFECS Effort Reporting system and describe the features available. Completion of the course will also prepare FEC Coordinators to provide guidance to faculty for doing online certification.
Introduction to Grant and Contract Certification
This class provides participants new to GCCR Reporting with the basic tools necessary to understand and monitor the Grant and Contract Certification process which is used fro tracking and certifying non-faculty salaries and effort. We will cover some basic compliance requirements and discuss how to review and make changes to the GCCR.

Faculty Effort Certification, Beyond the Basics Modules

Provides a more in depth review of specific and more complicated effort reporting issues. Sponsored by Management Accounting and Analysis.
  • Modifying an FEC Using Comments and Adjusting Cost Share
  • Modifying an FEC, Changes Outside eFECS and Recertifications
  • Managing Faculty Effort
  • Faculty Effort and Faculty Cost Share, Calculate it Right
  • Using the Tools - Calculators, Worksheets and Reports

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Advanced Beyond the Basics Modules

  • Salary Cap
  • K Awards
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Tentative Schedule of Training Opportunities

Classes open for registration approximately a month before the session is scheduled.
INTRODUCTORY CLASSES Date Offered Date Offered
Introduction to Faculty Effort Certification 10/7/2015 2016
eFECS for FEC Coordinators 10/14/2015 2016
Introduction to GCCR 10/28/2015 2016
Modifying an FEC Comment and Cost Share Adjustments 2016  
Modifying an FEC, Changes Outside eFECS and Recertifications 2016  
Faculty Effort and Cost Share, Calculate it Right! 11/9/2015  
Managing Faculty Effort 11/4/2015  
Using the Tools 12/9/2015  
Salary Cap 12/2/2015  
K Awards 2016  


Other Classroom Training Opportunities

Cost Sharingi Essentials
Provides an overview of the types, sources and documentation requirements of cost sharing, describes the regulatory environment and identifies who is involved and their responsibilities. Sponsored by the Office of Sponsored Programs, Management Accounting and Analysis and Grant and Contract Accounting.
Research Administration Learning Program
Research and administration training opportunities. Sponsored by central and campus academic departments.
Grant and Contract Fiscal Administration I
Overview of policies, rules, regulations and procedures necessary for post award administration of grant and contract budgets. Sponsored by Grant and Contract Accounting.
Grant and Contract Fiscal Administration II
Advanced post award administration of grant and contract budgets. Sponsored by Grant and Contract Accounting.
Suggested Audience: ASTRA Authorizers
Designed to provide ASTRA authorizers with an overview of the three ASTRA roles applicable to campus users of eFECS. The eLearning introduces the ASTRA actions that may be assigned to each role and how an authorizer grants campus users access to eFECS. Tutorial runs approximately 5-7 minutes
(currently unavailable)
Suggested Audience: FEC Coordinators and Administrators
This self guided full length eFECS training course is designed to provide FEC Coordinators and/or Administrators with a comprehensive demonstration of the Faculty Effort Certification process using the eFECS application. It also prepares FEC Coordinators to train faculty on how to perform online certification.

Through lecture  and interactive hands-on activities, students will be introduced to system features, be made aware of the FEC business process and be provided with a review of eFECS functionality. The course will cover how to make adjustments to Faculty Effort Certification reports (FECs), how faculty certify their effort electronically and will provide information on additional tools and resources to support and train faculty on electronic certification within eFECS. It is recommended that Introduction to Faculty Effort Certification be taken before this class. Tutorial runs approximately 45 min- 1 hour.

Suggested Audience: Faculty certifying effort on FECs
An introduction to why FECs are necessary including instructions for certifying effort and basic eFECS navigational tips. Tutorial runs approximately 3-5 minutes.
Suggested Audience: FEC Coordinators
This tutorial introduces staff to cost share adjustments necessary to reflect actual effort performed for commited cost share displayed on the FEC and provides an awareness of the most common types of cost share adjustments. This e-Learning will interactively walk you through making an adjustment to cost shared effort and demonstrates the impact of this adjustment on the FEC. It does not cover cost share adjustments for K awards. Tutorial runs approximately 5-7 minutes.
Suggested Audience: Department Staff who Work with Cost Share
Provides an overview of the eFECS Cost Share Module functionality and explanations of calculations used in determining cost share. Tutorial runs approximately 5-7 minutes.
Suggested Audience: Department Staff who Work with Cost Share
Suggested Audience: Department Staff who Work with Cost Share
Provides an overview of the Online FEC with definitions and terms.
Provides an overview of the Summary FEC with definitions and terms.
Detailed instructions for certifying an FEC, illustrated
Provides a basic introduction to the FEC process and eFECS system.
Designed for FEC Coordinators and Administrators
Designed for faculty to introduce and familiarize them with the eFECS Online Certification process. FEC Coordinators and Administrators may also find these resources useful when working with their faculty.
A short slide show to introduce Faculty to eFECS.
Template of the notification faculty first receive from eFECS 20 days before FECs should be certified.
Instructions for certifying an FEC.
Explains how to use MyFD's Transaction Summary Report to access salary transfers for any organization code.
Outlines the official policy for effort reporting at UW. 
Outlines general information on preparing a grant. See budget section for salaries and cost sharing.
Outlines the official UW policy on salary transfers.
Outlines official UW guidelines for cost sharing on Grants and Contracts.
UW Office of Research Guidelines for Applying the new Uniform Guidance.
General information on faculty effort, certification requirements, faculty cost share, retention schedule, links to related information.
Provides an overview of cost sharing types, requirements and tools for reporting.
Provides up to date grant and contract information by budget enabling campus to better manage awards.
Online report that displays the status of required mandatory and committed cost sharing.
Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, & Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.
Summary of salary caps for current and prior years and links to annual notice.
Information about NIH Career Development Awards (K Awards).
Instructions for deteriming full time effort for faculty with Career Development Awards (K Awards)
Policy for reduction of effort on K Awards during last two years of award.


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