Managing Effort

Projects are awarded by sponsors with the expectation that effort commitments will be met over the course of the project, i.e., budget period, regardless of whether or not the Principal Investigator's (PI) salary is charged to the project or cost shared.

A change in the status of a PI and/or other key personnel as listed in the Notice of Grant Awardi (NGA)*, requires PRIOR sponsor approval if

  • they withdraw from the project entirely
  • are absent from the project during any continuous period of 3 months or more
  • reduce time devoted to the project by 25% or more from the level that was approved at the time of award

For example: a proposed change from 40 percent effort to 30 percent or less effort requires notification in writing to the sponsor requesting approval.

A concurrence letter to the sponsor should be prepared and submitted to UW's Office of Sponsored Programs (OSPi) for counter signature.

  • The written approval received from the sponsor must be kept on file in the PI's department and at OSP.
  • e-mails are acceptable for both the request and written permission.
  • Minor changes in effort may be made by adjustments in the salary distribution in OPUS.

The total effort commitment, (both paid by the sponsor and paid by the University, i.e.., cost shared) at the time the award is issued is considered the threshold against which reductions of 25% or more are requested and approved.

In order to be in compliance with Federal regulations, the PI should compare the original commitment in the award document against actual grant effort on the Faculty Efforti Certification form.

Changes in status or significant reductions of effort, as noted above, are specifically excluded from expanded authority.

*Note: The key personnel named in the NGA may differ from key personnel identified by the University in the proposal.

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