How to Certify

Instructions below provide guidance for faculty on the process for certifying an FEC using the eFECS system. A PDF with detailed instructions and screen shots is also available for download. Certifying an FEC with eFECS.

  • After receiving email notification that the FEC is ready for review, follow the link provided and login to eFECS.
  • Review the Faculty Efforti Certification (FEC) to determine if it reasonably reflects actual effort during the reporting period.
  • If it is not accurate, the faculty member should speak with his/her FEC Coordinator. A warning message appears under the 'Begin Certification' button.
  • For help to identify the FEC Coordinator, see the 'Find FEC Coordinators for Your Department' link found at the bottom of the FEC.

  • If the FEC does represent a reasonable reflection of effort for the FEC cycle, the faculty member is ready to certify the FEC. Click the 'Begin Certification' button


  • The next screen displays the proposed 'Summary FEC' which becomes the official record once certified. This screen should reflect any changes the faculty has requested the FEC Coordinator make on the faculty member's behalf to ensure the FEC reasonably reflects actual effort for the FEC cycle.
  • If the FEC is not a reasonable reflection of the effort for the FEC cycle, the faculty member should click 'Back to Salary Details' to return to the Online FEC screen to discuss potential modifications with the FEC Coordinator. If the FEC is a reasonable reflection of effort, click 'OK to Certify.'

  • A warning message appears "This action cannot be undone and any changes to this FEC will require processing a re-certification. Continue to Certify?"
    • Clicking 'Back to Salary Details' will bring the faculty back to the Online FEC and the status will remained uncertified.
    • Clicking 'Yes, Certify' will certify the FEC and update the status to 'Certified' along with the UW NetID and timestamp of the person certifying.

Certifying for Others

  • The ASTRA authorizer for the department sets up the individual authorized to certify for another faculty member with the "Certify Others" role. Normally this will be the Department Chair.
    • Individuals who may be authorized to certify for another faculty member are  Chair, Director (of an organization or department level program), Division Head or Dean.
  • Directions
    • Log into eFECS
    • Navigate to the Search box in the upper right hand corner
    • Place name or UW NetID of  the faculty member's whose FEC needs to be certified and click "Go."
    • Review and confirm faculty member's effort is an accurate reflection of the effort performed
    • If you have suitable means of verification that effort displayed on the FEC was performed, continue with certification
    • Certification follows the instruction outlined above.
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