Expenditures - Grant and Contract Accounting


All expenditures must be made in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University of Washington, as published in the University Policy Directory, and Grants Information Memorandum. In addition, applicable federal and sponsor rules and regulations must be followed.


Requisitions, invoices, and payroll documents must be approved by the Principal Investigator, department chair, or other persons authorized in writing by the Principal Investigator. A memo delegating signature authority must be on file at the unit level where sponsored project administrative/budget responsibility resides (see Signature Authority, Delegation of). Separate forms delegating signature authority for payroll transactions are available from the Payroll department at Box 359555. Completed forms must be submitted promptly to the Payroll department upon receipt of a new budget number.

Salaries and wages

Instructions for the preparation of Payroll/Personnel forms are detailed in the Online Payroll Update System (OPUS). Appointments which extend beyond the expiration date of the grant/contract are not authorized. Grant and Contract Certification Reports must be reviewed and signed promptly by responsible persons with suitable means of verification that the work was performed and retained within the department.

Materials, supplies, travel

Procurement Services  and Travel Office are available to assist with these matters.

Printing Dept and Physical Plant charges

Creative Communications and Facilities Services are available to assist with these matters.

Telecommunications Services

See the UW IT website for information on these services.

Acquisition of Computer Equipment

Data processing and computing equipment must be ordered through the UW Procurement Services.


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