Reconcile budget

Tools and resources for reconciling grant budgets:

  • MyFinancial.desktop is a web interface for the UW Financial Accounting System (FAS). It provides users a convenient means for monitoring budget balances and transaction activity. Users can build custom reports and now have the ability to transfer expenses on line. 
  • The BSR (Budget Status Report) contains cumulative financial activity of each budget by sub-object and object expenditure code. For state budgets the BSR reflects biennial budget status. For grants, contracts and other budgets, the year to date may represent a designated time period or an indefinite time period as specified for the particular budget in the award/agreement. The BSR's are distributed monthly by Information Systems to the unit administering the budget number.
  • Was a check received? Use Grant Tracker to request this information.
  • Need a copy of an invoice? Use Grant Tracker to request this information.
  • Need a copy of a JV/JVG?
    UW OIM decision support report service now publishes all JV related information on the web. The end user can view and print the information based on the JV number and date (this include all manual and auto JVs).
    If a user currently doesn’t have access, they can request the access through the access link on decision support's website.



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