Invoicing Sponsors

GCA's goal is to submit 100% of all invoices by the due date.


The grant and contract invoicing process begins when an electronic Funding Action (FA) is received from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) in Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) to establish a budget number for an award in the UW Financial Accounting System (FAS).

As part of the budget set up, GCA reviews the award document(s) (attached in the FA) for the payment methods, billing format and frequency requirements specified by the sponsor.

Note: This does not apply to advance budgets which are guaranteed by departmental funds. Learn more about advance budgets from GIM 9.

Once the budget is set up:

  • MyFinancial Desktop (MyFD) will show the negotiated award amount. Note: This does NOT represent the actual payment received from the sponsor.
  • Invoicing and payment information is available for each budget in GrantTracker.

Awards That Require Invoicing are:

Invoiceable awards have interim invoices and/or a final invoice generated. Some awards require invoices be sent to the sponsor, while other awards may need an internal receivable created so that payments from the sponsor may be applied, this may include automatic sponsor payments or payments generated from a financial report.  Awards that require invoicing may have one or more interim invoices and/or a final invoice. To learn more, please see interim invoices and final invoices.

Sponsors may also request a "final invoice" for their year-end process occuring during the budget period. It is recommended that this requirement be specified in the award.

Awards That Do Not Require Invoicing

Letter of Credit (LOC) and Pay In Advance (PIA), do not require invoicing.

  • LOC budgets: Federal awards which are "drawn down" through the federal system after the budget incurs expenditures. No invoices are generated and no payments are viewable in GrantTracker.
  • PIA budgets: Upon full execution of the award, the UW receives payment from the sponsor for the full amount. This payment is displayed in GrantTracker.

PI and Staff Responisbilities

  1. After FA Receipt Notification is received in your department, check the invoicing requirements in the invoicing section of the FA.
  2. Review the award to determine if additional documentation should be submitted with the interim and/or final invoices, such as:
    • progress or technical reports
    • travel documentation
    • receipts
    • personnel information
  3. If the award payments are contingent upon the completion of deliverables or tasks, notify GCA upon completion via GrantTracker so an invoice can be prepared.
  4. If the award documentation does not specify an amount to invoice for each deliverable or task, the amount must be indicated when GCA is notified.
  5. In cases where the department is responsible for providing additional supporting documentation along with an invoice to the sponsor:
    •  GCA will notify the Administrative Contact listed on the eGC1 via GrantTracker that an invoice is available to download and print from within GrantTracker.
    • The department then sends the required documentation along with the invoice directly to the sponsor as soon as  the GrantTracker notification is received.
  6. Delays in sending invoices with backup documents to the sponsor may have severe consequences including: late payments or non-payment by the sponsor resulting in deficits due to the terms of the agreement not being met. Such deficits are the departments responsibility. Learn more about the GCA follow up process.
  7. Reconcile budgets monthly to ensure expenditures are correct, accurate and allowable. Learn more about reconciling with MyFD.
    • Reconciling monthly can help prevent time consuming correction such as the inclusion of unallowable expenditures which often result in non-payment or short payment triggering the need for voided and revised invoices.
  8. Monitor invoice and payment information in GrantTracker to ensure timely payments are made by the sponsor.
    • GCA automatically sends a delinquency notice to sponsors 30 days after the invoice date when payment has not been received.
    • If late payments appear to be an issue, contact GCA via GrantTracker before contacting the sponsor.
  9. Report cost share information, as required in the agreement. Learn more about Cost Sharing on Sponsored Programs.

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