Follow Up Process

Grant and Contract Accounting's goal is to provide timely reporting, invoicing, and budget closeout. GCA needs an efficient way to move forward when we reach out for information needed to submit invoices or financial reports to our sponsors or to close budgets and we don't hear back from our campus partners.

The following process will be used when requesting information from departments.

Comunication will be through GrantTracker with the subject line as follow: (Topic) NEEDED BY XX/XX/XX.

  • Example: DEFICIT RESOLUTION NEEDED BY 12/31/2013

First Communication Attempt:
GCA will send the initial GrantTracker to the departmental email account or fiscal contact with a deadline of 10 business days for actions to be done.

Second Communication Attempt:
GCA will send a follow-up GrantTracker to the department administrator and PI, providing an additional 10 business days.

If no response is received, GCA will take the actions identified below.  

Topics and Associated Actions For GCA and Departments




Advance budget (expired)

GCA will remove the advance funding and treat the unreimbursed expenses as a deficit.

Balances on funds restricted for purpose

Report $0 spent on restriction and reduce award accordingly.


Notify campus of deficit at time of final report/invoice. Include Director of Finance on second attempt. Refer to the Office of Planning and Budgeting if not resolved in 30 days.

Fabrication budgets

Charge IDC on expenses that have not been fabricated.

Financial report requiring department input

GCA will send partially completed report to the sponsor. It will become the department’s responsibility to follow up on the report.

Incorrect stipend object code or stipend amount

Escalate to PI/Department Administrator.

Open encumbrance*

*Working with process partners to implement, not implemented as of January  2013.

Liquidate encumbrances at 90-120 days past expiration, except for 03-62.

Open invoice pending PI action

e.g. Sponsor won't pay invoice, until progress report is submitted.

Reduce award to cash received and treat un-reimbursed expenses as a deficit.

Unexpected charge brought to GCA attention after the final action date

REPORTING: Treat as an unliquidated obligation or give guidance to post expense on continuation budget, as long as within a segment.


INVOICING: If more than $200, department needs to obtain written approval from sponsor if final invoice has been sent.

Unmet cost share

Cost share will be reported as-is.

·         If cost share is mandatory, GCA will reduce the award proportionate to the unmet cost share amount, which may result in a deficit.

·         If the cost share is committed, GCA will inform department of potential audit issue.

Unmet milestone/deliverable

GCA will not send an invoice for the milestone. Reduce award to cash received and treat un-reimbursed expenses as a deficit.



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