Equipment Forms

Customs Letter Template
Equipment Usage Template

This template should be used by recharge centers who purchase equipment under the Machinery and Equipment (M&E) Exemption.

Fabrication Journal Voucher (JV) Request
Home Equipment Agreement

This may be used by departments in addition to the University's HR Telework documentation requirements.

Manufacturer's Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

This form should only be used as an attachment to eProcurement orders in Ariba or if a vendor contacts us and states that the certificate included on PAS POs and check remittances is not sufficient for the documentation purposes.  Any other use is considered unauthorized.

Property Activity Request - Form 1024 (Excel)
Property Activity Request - Form 1024 (PDF)
UW Equipment Information Card (Web Form) (Replaces the old 'Orange Card.')

If you are unable to access the web due to unique circumstances, please contact EIO to arrange for an alternate submission process.



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