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The UW Viewbook is a "10,000-foot-level" view of the University of Washington - our campuses, schools, colleges and programs. The intent is to provide a glimmer of insight into the caliber of education we provide, the accomplishments and aspirations of our students, the expertise of our faculty and staff, and the world-class programs and research housed here.

This publication was made possible only because of in-kind donation from The Boeing Company. The 44-page publication has a folder pocket on the inside back cover - so it can be used alone or as a companion piece to any unit's publications or communications efforts - and measures 8.75" width x 11.25" height.

Before placing your order, please note:

For questions and additional information, please contact Alanya Cannon in UW Marketing.

  • Viewbooks are available to you at no cost.
  • Orders are by the box ONLY.
    (There are 100 Viewbooks per box. There is a maximum order of three (3) boxes per order as there is a limited supply).
  • Creative Communications will ship approximately one week from the date you place your order.

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