Transit Messaging Program

Transit Messaging Truck

"Move Your Message"

Here’s how it works

  • Design your message for the UW truck fleet.
  • Our in-house design team can create your message with ease.
  • Your message is viewed all week during prime business hours.
  • All materials and ad sign production needs to be produce by Creative Communications to ensure compatibility with our sign brackets, and meets university standards with Color Graphics, Logo’s, image and community standards.
  • Your message can be seen on routes that include campus, U-District, South Lake Union, downtown and I-5 in the Seattle metropolitan area.
  • Reach a targeted audience with thousands of daily impressions.

Transit Messaging Bus Signs

Your ideas — we do the work

  • Professional 30” x 88” giant vinyl panels carry your message on the outside of UW box trucks, and 11” x 28” insert panels carry your message on the inside of Health Science Express Buses.
  • Installation is included.
  • Your message has prime visibility and impact.

Great results and budget-friendly

Truck Sign Advertisements

  • Only $200 per truck side the first four weeks.
  • Additional four-week increments are only $150!

Health Sciences Express Bus Advertisements

  • Only $240 per multi-set of in bus signs the first four weeks.
  • Additional four-week increments are only $150!

Need help to get started?

  • Our award-winning designers at Creative Communications can help bring your ideas to life at a very cost effective price.

Contact C2 Mailing Services for more information or to reserve space.
e-mail:    phone: 206-616-2633