Revolving Funds

Remember to complete 1099 reporting for research subject payments made through a revolving fund by January 3rd.

Open a Revolving Fund

Overview of revolving funds.  How they work and what they are for.  Instructions and forms for opening a new revolving fund.  List of approved Banks.

Reimbursement requests

How to submit a reimbursement request.  Allowable expenses.  Documentation. 

Oversight and Internal Controls

Custodian's reponsibilities.  How to manage a revolving fund.  Separation of Duties.  Fraud.  Fund verifications. 

Managing the fund

Recommendations and procedures manuals for accounting programs.  Canceling/voiding/staledating checks.  Deposits, refunds and rebates.  Advancing funds to an employee. 

Close a revolving fund

Instructions for closing a revolving fund account.

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