wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ (Intellectual House)

The project will construct an “Intellectual House” -- wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ ( hear it)-- and associated site improvements springing from the longhouse style traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Its purpose is to provide a multi-service learning and gathering space for students and the greater community to come together in a supportive and educational environment.
Link to Native Life & Tribal Relations page: http://www.washington.edu/diversity/tribal-relations/intellectual-house/construction-photo-galleries/

Construction Highlights and Update



Images: Entrance Exterior, Welcome Lobby Interior, Great Hall Exterior Facing South, Great Hall Interior - Sept 24, 2014

Construction officially began the first week of March, 2014. The construction duration is 337 days and substantial completion is forecasted for February 5, 2015.

Construction fencing and way finding signage is in place.  Graphic images of the project have been attached to the construction fencing.  The trees were removed Saturday, March 22, 2014.

The bulk of the asphalt will remain in place as it will better serve the construction project.  It will be removed later in the year for construction of the site landscape.

Project Overview

“To provide a multi-service learning and gathering space for Native American students, faculty and staff, and others of various cultures and communities to come together in a supporting and welcoming educational environment to share their knowledge and their cultures with one another.”

The building will be designed and constructed in a manner consistent with the environmental awareness and sensitivity of the indigenous peoples of the Northwest. The project will serve programs and provide an environment that promote and support the success of Native American students, staff and faculty. In addition, the project will provide a place that fosters the connections between the University of Washington community and the Native American community.

Additional information on this project is provided at  http://www.washington.edu/diversity/hok/index.html.



Construction Schedule

Pedestrian, Bicycle and Vehicle Access

Construction Contacts

Troy Stahlecker, Project Manager, Capital Projects Office – 206 616-5609, stahl@uw.edu
Jon Lebo, Director, Capital Projects Office – 206 221-4221, jlebo@uw.edu
Steve Folk, Senior Construction Manager, Capital Projects Office – 206 685-5726, sfolk@uw.edu



Site Plan

Site Logistics Plan

Fence Graphics

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